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o: cranial aponeurosis
i: skin of eyebrows
a: elevates eyebrows


o: sternum, clavicle
i: temporal bone
a: elevate/rotates head

rectus abdominus

o: pubis
i: sternum, ribs
a: flex vertebral column


o: ilium
i: tibia
a: flex tibia

rectus femoris

o: ilium
i: tibia
a: extends tibia

tibialis anterior

o: tibia
i: metatarsals
a: dorsiflex/invert metatarsals (foot)


o: femur
i: calcaneus
a: plantar flex foot

vastus lateralis

o: femur
i: tibia
a: extends tibia

external oblique

o: ribs
i: ilium
a: flex/rotate vertebral column

biceps brachii

o: humerus
i: radius
a: flex radius

pectoralis major

o: sternum
i: humerus
a: medially rotate humerus


o: scapula, clavicle
i: humerus
a: abduct humerus


o: occipital bone, cervical/thoracic vertebrae
i: scapula, clavicle
a: elevates scapula

latissimus dorsi

o: spinal chord, ilium
i: humerus
a: extend/adduct humerus

gluteus medius

o: ilium
i: femur
a: abducts femur

gluteus maximus

o: sacrum, ilium
i: femur
a: extends femur

biceps femoris

o: ischium
i: tibia
a: flex tibia


o: ischium
i: tibia
a: flex tibia


o: tibia/fibula
i: calcaneus
a: plantar flex foot

vastus medialis

o: femur
i: tibia
a: extend tibia

adductor muscles

o: ischium
i: femur
a: adduct femur

triceps brachii

o: humerus
i: ulna
a: extend ulna


covers each muscle fiber


covers each fascicle


covers entire muscle


flat, cordlike tendon

smooth muscle

no striations, involuntary


plasma membrane


long, ribbonlike nueclei


smallest contractile unit


threadlike protein inside sarcomere

thick (myosin) filament

made up of protein myosin, contain ATPase enzymes (split ATP to generate power of muscle contraction)


link thick and thin filaments together during contraction

thin (actin) filaments

made up of protein actin, plus regulatory proteins that play a role in allowing or preventing myosin head-binding to actin

sarcoplasmic reticulum

specialized, smooth endoplasmic reticulum; sacs and tubules surround each myofibril

muscle twitches


fused (complete) tetanus

when the muscle is stimulated so rapidly that no evidence of relaxation is seen ad the contractions are completely smooth and sustained

unfused (incomplete) tetanus

until the muscle reaches fused tetanus

lactic acid

what pyruvic acid in converted into during glycolysis

anaerobic glycolysis


muscle fatigue

when a muscle is unable to contract even though it is being stimulated

isotonic contractions

the myofilaments are successful in their sliding movements, the muscle shortens, movement occurs

isometric contractions

contractions in which the muscles do not shorten

muscle tone

state of continuous partial contractions, result of different motor units being stimulated by the nervous system in a systematic way


greater resistance to fatigue


muscles are pitted against some immovable object, or nearly so


decreases the angle of the joint and brings two bones closer together


increases the angle between two bones


movement of a bone around its longitudinal axis


moving a limb away from the midline


movement of a limb toward the midline


proximal end of the limb is stationary and its distal end moves in a circle


radius and ulna are parallel


radius rotates over ulna


help prime movers by producing the same movement or removing undesireable movements


specialized synergists; hold a bone still or stabilize the origin of a prime mover so all tension can be used to move the insertion


when the fascicles are arranged in concentric rings


fascicles converge toward a single insertion tendon


spindle shaped muscle with an expanded belly


short fascicles attach obliquely to a central tendon


the length of the fascicles run parallel to the long axis of the muscle

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