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Which division of the nervous system arouses the body and mobilizes its energy in emotinally stresful situations?
best; moderate
Lillian will be taknig an entrance exam for law school this afternoon. her performance is likely to be ______ if during the exam her physiological arousal is______
different emotinos arise through different brain circuits
reserach on the physiological states accompanying specific emotions indicates that:
detecting the emotions of 2 people hving a discussion over lunch
compared to men, women would probably be better at:
a merry face makes a happy soul
reserach on the effects of nonverbal emotinal expressions most clearly supports the idea that:
people are most biologically predisposed to learn to fear
anger is reduced by aggressive action or fantasy
the catharsis hypothesis refers to the idea that:
take time to let the anger and emotional arousal subside
experts suggest that an intensely angry person should:
feel-good, do-good phenomenon
after receiving an unexpected "A" on his psych test jordan was easily persudaded to baby sit his little sister. this illustrates the :
have a satisfying marriage or close friendship
reserachers have found that certain factors are related to happiness. one of these is that happy ppl tend to :
flight or fight
walter cannon perceived the stress response to be higly adaptive becaues it prepared the organism for
the 1st phase of the general adaption syndrome is:
students are least likely to suffer fatigue and other stress related symptoms at the end of a semester if they are:
the major characteristic that contribues to the diseae vulnerability of type A personalities is their feelings of:
start a program of regular aerobic exercise
inga, a college sophomore is experiencing stress and feels mildly depressed. she would be best advised to:
electronically recording, amplifying, and displaying informtion regarding subtle physiological responses is called:
mark typically resonds to stress in a calm and thoughtful manner. chandler, on the other hand, usualy becomes agitated. The reactions of mark and chandler indiciate that each has a distinctive
in suggesting that the mind is like an iceberg, freud was most certainly emphasizing the importance of the:
jordan feels ashamed that he hurt his younger brother. freud would have attributed these feelngs to Jordan's
coping with anxiety by retreating to behavior patteres characteristic of an earlier, more infantile stage of development is called:
redirect aggressive or sexual impulses towrads less threateneing targets
displacement refers to the process by which people
according to maslow, the psychological need that arises after all other needs have been met is the need for
kelsey is consistently optimistic, talkative, and impulsive. each of these characteristics most clearly represents a :
learned helplessness
reserachers have observed that the experience of repeated uncontrollable traumatic events contributes to:
a psychotherapist is most liekly to use the DSM-IV in order to_______ various psychological disorders
a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object or situation
phobias are most likely to be characterized by:
major depresssive disorder
norby and 18 year old collge freshman has missed almost all his classes in the last month, spends time in his room, many times doesn't dressed or eat meals. he thinks of his life as a failure and blames himself. he is most likely suffering from:
disorganized and fragmented thinking
schizophrenia is most likely to be characterized by:
antisocial personality
a lack of conscience is most characteristic of those who have an______ disorder
major depressive disorder
mood disorder
antisocial type
personality disorder
obsessive compuslive disorder
anxiety disorder
paranoid sub type
panic disorder
anxiety disorder
narcissistic type
personality disorders
a therapitst who uses a variety of psycholical theories and therapeutic methods is said to be:
uncensored reporting of any thoughts that come to mind
free association involves the:
client- centered therapy
carl rogers is known for the develpment of :
behavior therapy
which of the following therapies is more concerned with removing specific troubling symptoms than with providing special insights into the personaliy of the client?
training people to stop blaming themselves for failures and negative circumstances beyond their control is of the most direct concern to _______ therapists
establish an emphathetic, caring relationship with their clients
the most effective psychotherapits are those who:
the study of the effect of drugs on mind and behavior is called:
preventive mental health
which approach would attempt to minimize psychological disorders by working to reduce the incidence of child abuse and illiteracy in society?
think about, influence, and relate to
the text defines social psychology as the scientific study of how people_____ one another
beliefs and feelings that predispose us to respond in particular ways to objects, people and events are called:
cognitive dissonance theory
which theory emphasizes that we adopt certain attitudes in order to justify our past actions
informational social influence
conformity resulting from the acceptance of others' opinions about reality is said to be a response to:
social facilitation
norman triplett observed that adolescents wound a fishing reel faster in the presence of someone working simulataneously on the same tasks. this best illustrates:
the enhancement of a group's prevailing attitudes thruogh group discussion
group polarization refers to
"we have been united on matters by the leader of a group characterized by groupthink?
which of the following comments is most likely to be made by the leader of a group characterized by groupthink?
father care
high rates of violence are most common among those who experience minimal levels of:
physical appearance
our first impressions of those we meet are most likely to be determined by their
the bystander effect
people are less liekly to give aid if an emergency occurs in the presence of many observers. This is known as: