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  1. Isaac
  2. sabbath
  3. Books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth
  4. Book of Judges
  5. Israel
  1. a abraham and sarah's son. hagar is expelled because of him because ishmael might threaten his inheritance. abraham is told by god to take him to a mountain and kill him but is saved at the last moment
  2. b tells stories about the beginning of the Israelites' life in the Promised Land
  3. c might better be called the book of deliverers
  4. d Jacob given this new name after wrestling with creature. "one who has contended with divine and human beings."
  5. e third commandment. rest on this day

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  1. a love letter like no other. the word of God inspired by the holy spirit
  2. temporary leaders appointed by God to lead the people of Israel when enemies oppressed them (samson, gideon, deborah, ruth)
  3. Nonwriting prophets do not have their own books. Tales about them were probably collected and passed along by their disciples. Among the nonwriting prophets are Samuel, Nathan, Elijah, and Elisha.
  4. (Old Testament) Moses' successor who led the Israelites into the Promised Land
  5. a non writing prophet of the northern kingdom, carried on the mission of Elijah and performed many works of wonders and becomes known for his healing power. ex: saved a woman from selling her kids, cures man of leprosy, his dead body brings a dead man back to life

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  1. creation storymoses' three sermons, recap of the journey, moses dies, people move forward to the promise land, notes on the laws


  2. golden calfthe whole collection of laws from Exodus through Deuteronomy


  3. new testamentthe fulfillment of the old testament. cannot be understood with out understanding the old testament. inspired by god


  4. Holiness Codefound in leviticus chapter 17-26.


  5. DeborahWife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau