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  1. old testament
  2. Saul, David, and Solomon
  3. Mosaic Law
  4. ten commandments
  5. new testament
  1. a the fulfillment of the old testament. cannot be understood with out understanding the old testament. inspired by god
  2. b The set of Rules that God sent down to Moses to tell how his people should live
  3. c the whole collection of laws from Exodus through Deuteronomy
  4. d inspired by god. _____ has permanent value. contains profound teachings, beautiful prayers, and some of the greatest literature ever created. in the ___ we encounter god.
  5. e The Books of Samuel and the beginning of the First Book of Kings tells stories of...

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  1. found in leviticus chapter 17-26.
  2. Wife of Hosea / Known for her unfaithfulness
  3. written down and put into final form around the period of the Babylonian exile, in the sixth century bc. 1st book in the pentateuch. contains story of adam and eve
  4. probably part of Josiah's reform movement, composed the book of Deuteronomy, and believed the Exile was inevitable because the people continued to defy god. people who wrote the bible
  5. The Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites from Egypt across the Red sea on a journey known as the Exodus. Became a midianite after killing an Egyptian. Was called to by god to save his people. Gave the 10 plagues.

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  1. Siserafled and killed with a tent stake by Jael


  2. SamuelAbraham's son by Hagar, Sarah's servant. The founder of the Arab tribes


  3. Baalthe canaanite god of fertility, associated with storms and rain. He was the most prominent of the Canaanite gods and the one most often worshipped by the Israelites.


  4. Book of Numberstitle from census. hebrew journey through the dessert for 30 years, miriam is struck with leprosy for clamming to have equality with moses.


  5. problem of Greek domination in Judeacrossed by moses and the egyptians. also known as the red sea