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Quizlet February-March


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to look quickly
laid back
relaxed and easy going
almost straight up and down : rising or falling very sharply
to say that you will not do or accept something
to be blown away
Excited; extremely impressed
act up
behave awkwardly or badly
go the extra mile
put more effort into something beyond what is expected
call off
to cancel
vanish into thin air
to disappear
check out
investigate, take a look at
spring fever
a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring.
come up with
to think of; to produce.
an idea / a plan / a suggestion etc.
spring chicken
young person
cut down on
to reduce
give someone the cold shoulder
act unfriendly towards someone, ignore
drop in on
visit unexpectedly
let the cat out of the bag
reveal a secret
fall through
to fail to happen or be completed (plans, arrangements, schemes, etc.).
beat around the bush
To delay or avoid talking about something.
get ahead
to make progress
no strings attached
If something is offered to you with no strings attached, it is offered without any special restrictions or limitations.
if I'm not mistaken
use this expression when you are 100% sure about something