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militarism, alliances, Imperialism, nationalism

4 main causes of WW1

The assassination of Fernindand was a...

short term cause to WW1


neither side is winning the war

Allied powers

Britain, France, Russia, Italy, US

Central Powers

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (Turkey), and Bulgaria


Did the US try to remain neutral at first?

The Zimmermann telegram

What telegram was used to try and persuade Mexico to be allies with Germany?


when did Germany begin to sink ships?


When did the US enter the war?


the spreading of ideas that help a cause, or hurt an opposing cause.

What was the goal of propaganda?

To influence public opinion, and gain support for the war

Zimmermann Telegram

Intercepted in 1917, germany proposed an alliance w/ Mexico. Germany agreed to help Mexico regain US territories.

Germany was able to move to the Western Front

What happened when Russia pulled it troops out of the war?

The lusitania

What British ship was sunk that killed 128 Americans?


when was an armistice made?

Government asked Americans to grow their own food and stop buying from stores, so they could send the food to troops.

What are victory gardens?

Espionage Act 1917

law to silence critics of the war

What were some of the 14 points?

1) end to secret agreements
2) freedom of the seas and trade
3) self determination (own territory and forms of government)
4) League of Nations to help prevent future war

What were added countries after WW1?

czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Poland


Who was to take full blame for world war one? (according to the 14 points?)

Nope, because the League of Nations would drag us into wars we did not want to fight in.

Did the US join the League of Nations?

This made the League of Nations weak

What were some effects of the US not joining the League of Nations?

Treaty of Versailles

1) accept blame for WW1
2) pay billions of dollars in reparations
3) limit the size of its military
4) give up overseas colonies


What year to what year was WW1


Franz Ferdinand is assassinated


Lusitania sunk


Zimmermann telegram discovered, Germany renews unrestricted submarine warfare, U.S. enters WW1


armistice signed


Treaty of Versaille is signed

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