normal oral temperature is 98.6°F degrees equivalent Celsius temperature is
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the voice box is called thelarynxthe medical term for nosebleed isepistaxisthe word part peri meansaroundthe word part dys meanspainfultheir word part itis meansinflammationthe word part which means joint isarthroleuk/othe word part phago meansto eatthe word part nephron meanskidneytelephone calls that may be handled by an insistent include all of the following exceptcalls from other Physiciansthe suffix which means plastic repair isoplastythe suffix which means discharge or flow isorrheathe suffix which means pain is-algiaOccult meanshiddenOsteo meansbonethe abbreviation for immediately isstatthe abbreviation for every hour isqhthe abbreviation for every two hours isq2hthe abbreviation for four times a day isQIDthe assistant may give an injection ifThe Physician orders itthe abbreviation for 3 times a day istidthe abbreviation for teaspoon istsprelapse refers to arecurrence of symptomsthe term self refers toAutoprognosis refers toprediction of outcomethe combining form for woman isgynecoif a patient begins to feel faint during a venipuncture procedure you shouldhave the PT put her head between her knees and hold smelling salts under her noseif a patient who complains of chest pain collapses in the office you shouldbe sure the patient is breathless and pulseless before administering CPRa patient is bleeding heavily from a wound on the forearm you shouldApply direct pressurewhen a caller sounds frantic indicated there is an emergency you should firstget their name address and telephone numberan unacceptable procedure for a fainting victim isPour water over the victim's facethe first way to communicate courtesy to the telephone caller is toanswer promptly and identify yourself and ask how you may help themwhen one encounters a baffling term you shouldconsult a dictionarythe doctor's office is most concerned withcivil and criminal lawa prefix is thebeginning of a worda suffix is theending of the wordthe most common combining form isOof the following which could not legally act as an agent for another patientan insurance contract written for a company for its employees is calledgroup coveragebecause of disease is known asetology