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#1 Chapter 5 Immigration-Vogan


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The process of people establishing homes, and often citizenship, in a country that is not their native country.
Economic immigrants
Out of the 4 categories of immigrants, which group is the largest? Offering skills/training to Canada.
Refugee is a
person who seeks refuge in another country because of the danger or persecution in their home country.
Family Category are
Spouses, partners, children, parents and grandparents of people living in Canada
Other/Humanitarian category
The smallest category, People accepted as immigrants for humanitarian or compassionate reasons.
Economic Immigrants are...
Skilled workers and business people and the only category the point system applies to. They have skills we want.
Good health is something that
Economic immigrants must prove they are in _____________ ___________, prior to coming, if not they may be refused entry.
Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is
The piece of legislation that declares the rules, guidelines and standards for coming into Canada.
Demographics are
characteristics of population.
What is a Policy
Objectives, procedure or rules
Push Factors are
Reasons why people move out of the country. (war, natural disasters, famine, government)
Pull Factors are
Reasons why people immigrate to a certain country. (jobs, family, democracy)
If immigrants are not in good health it puts stress on the ___________ ___________.
health system
Point System is
the Merit based policy, Part of the criteria Canada uses to decide whom to accept as ECONOMIC immigrants.
The Singh Decision is a
case determined that allows every refugee the right to have their case evaluated by a court, created "Refugee Rights Day".
Provincial Nomination Program is
when Provinces can "nominate" a percentage of immigrants Canada selects to fill certain skills.
Canada-Quebec Accord
Quebec can nominate the percentage of immigrants to Quebec based on its population within Canada. Also allows for more control of the language background of immigrants to Quebec.
No one is excluded from Canada because of their ________ or _________ ___ _________.
race or origin (what country they come from)
In the past Canada favored immigrants of ____________ ancestry and restricted immigration from _______
British Asian
Reunite families, pursue social, cultural benefits for Canada, respect the bilingualism and multiculturalism of Canada, support minority official language communities, share immigration benefits.
Objectives of the Immigration and refugee protection Act
How are modern immigration policies different from the past?
Currently no one is excluded because of their race, country of origin.
Evaluating other cultures through the standards and customs of one's own culture. Being bias about how another culture should operate.
Xenophobia is
Intense of irrational dislikes or fear of people from other countries.
What is a census
A questionnaire sent out by the government to collect important information about our country.
Self-sufficiency means
The ability to provide everything that is needed without the help from others.
The process by which British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick united as a country on July 1st 1867.
Diversified means to
Have a difference or variety, to offer more than one thing
Population of Canada 2016
35 million
How often is the Canada census conducted?
every 5 years
Opposite of urban
Provincial Nominee program
a legal agreement concerning immigration issues between the federal government of Canada and the Province of Quebec.
Quebec accord
What was the Komagatu Maru Incident?
A ship carrying mostly very wealthy Sikh men from the Punjab region of India sailed to Canada to escape the oppression of colonial rule. They were forced back due to their nationality and racist Canadian policies and many died upon return.
Merit is
The quality of being deserving; any quality or attribute that is admired.
When taking the points test you aim to get
67 or more
ethnic diversity
variation of culture, race or country of origin.
Issues every Canadian should be aware of
-reserves have poverty like conditions, -indigenous have a lower life expectancy -youth suicide is 5-7 times higher than other ethnicity.