Nucleotides Exam 2-Leush

Name 2 protein-RNA complexes involved in transcription or translation
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Name two characteristics of a peptide that would suggest that it is made nonribosomally.1. Presence of D-amino acids 2. Unusual amino acids 3. Modified amino acidsName two protein factors involved in the elongation cycle in prokaryotes.1. EF-Tu 2. EF-Ts 3. EF-GName three structural features unique to tRNA1. Anticodon 2. 3'-CCA acceptor arm of aminoacylation 3. Nucleosides are highly modified 4. Many non-Watson-Crick base pairs 5. 5' phosphateWhy can one tRNA recognize several degenerate codons?Wobble base pairs possible between mRNA codon and tRNA anticodonCorrelate the following protein factors with one of the 3 steps in ribosomal protein synthesis they are involved in.Factor Process Organism EF-Tu elongation/binding prokaryotes eIF-3 initiation eukaryotes EF-G elongation/translocation prokaryotes IF-1 initiation prokaryotes RF-1 termination/release prokaryotesWhich one of the following factors is required for binding of aminoacyl-tRNA during elongation in eukaryotes?EF-1αWhy is "Attentuation" as discussed in class a regulator mechanism that only exists in prokaryotes?This is a cooperative interaction between transcription and translation. Coupled transcription-translation only exists in prokaryotes where transcription and translation are not compartmentalized.As discussed in class. which covalent modification on the following biomolecules commonly affects gene expression in eukaryotes?Histone: acetlyation DNA: methylationGCU and GCC codons (5' -> 3') can be recognized by the same tRNA. Give one possible anticodon sequence of the tRNA indicate (3' -> 5' end).CGI (3' -> 5') = IGC (5' -> 3')