NCIS Quiz (Better than Nimitra's)

When Tony's car was blown up, how did they know the body in the car wasn't Tony's?
Because the body's lungs were too healthy to be Tony's: Tony had the plague, so his lungs are scarred.
What kind of plague did Tony have?
Pneumonic plague
Why does Abby know sign language?
Both her parents were deaf.
What is the name of Abby's farting hippo?
Who killed Ari?
In which season did Kate die?
Season 2
What is Tony's father's name?
Anthony Dinozzo Sr.
What does Tony's father call him?
What was Gibb's daughter's name?
How many time has Gibbs been married?
How many times has Gibbs been divorced
What is Ducky's real name?
Tony had nightmare as a kid. What were they about?
In which city were Gibbs and Jenny undercover in (that is most brought up in the show)?
How does Gibbs get his boats out of the basement?
No one knows.
What is rule number 12?
Never date a coworker
What is rule number 51?
Sometimes you're wrong.
Who has worked with Gibbs the longest out of the team?
Tony was once assigned as Agent Afloat. What two ships was he assigned to?
USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Seahawk.
What was the name of Ducky's first assistant?
When Abby is being stalked in the episode 'Bloodbath', where does she hide out in for 6 hours?
The elevator
What tattoo does Abby have on her neck?
A spider web
On what day does Abby say 'Happy Birthday Gibbs'?
November 10th.
In what season does Jenny die?
Season 5
When Tony is kidnapped to help rescue Ziva in season 7, she asks him "why are you here?" Tony replies-
"Couldn't live without you, I guess."
What is Gibbs known for in regards to the navy (shooting)?
He is a sniper.
What is the name of the episode where Abby is almost killed by OTTO the car?