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Antiterrorism Level 1 Awareness (CENSECFOR-AT-010-1.0)

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To reduce your exposure you should wear clothing with DOD logos and symbols.
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You are stationed overseas and have been provided on-base housing.

One day as you come out of your house you notice a delivery van belonging to one of the local vendors that works on your installation. It is parked a couple of houses down and a single individual is sitting in the driver's seat looking around.

There is no real reason why a vendor vehicle should be in the residential section of your base.

You know you should note the driver's description. But what else should you do?
Later that evening you decide to go off-base to a local restaurant for dinner. In accordance with good security measures you select the indoor seating area.

After you place your order an attractive person of the opposite sex sits at the table next to you. After a few minutes the person begins talking to you. Eventually, the person starts asking you information about your installation, especially specific information on what type of identification is used to gain access.

You know you should not discuss security matters and direct queries to trained personnel and try to end the conversation in a quick and polite manner. But what else do you do?