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Disfigured by loss of a natural part through force.


A birthmark; a congenital skin blemish; any congenital anomaly, including various types of birthmarks and all types of moles.


The entrance or outlet of any body cavity; an opening.


After death.


A hole or slight wound resulting from piercing.


A secretion from inflamed tissues; usually an opaque, creamy colored matter.


A small elevation of the skin with an inflamed base, containing pus.


To spread out from a common point.


A crust over a sore or wound.

Scab Oozing

A crusted sore or wound which is exuding moisture, serum, or pus.


To cauterize tissues by heat or chemical in order to provide a dry foundation.

Second Degree Burn

Those resulting in acute inflammation of the skin and blisters.


To cut or break open or apart; disjoin.

Simple Fracture

Fractured bone does not pierce the skin.


To burn superficially as the hair which shows partial destruction from scorching heat.


An appliance as of wood, metal, etc. used to keep in place or protect a displaced or movable part.


Act of sewing; also be completed stitch.

Third Degree Burn

Destruction of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues; seared, charred, or roasted tissue.

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