Dental Tease Radiology

Name some radioplaque landmarks on maxilla?
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Remember what palatal and mandibular tori look like on radiographsMesiodens usually results in oral problems such as?malocculsion, food impaction, poor aesthetics, and cyst formationa condition of teeth where cementum overlying the roots of at least two teeth join together?concrescenceWhat can be a cause of concrescence?trauma or crowding of teethwhat may be done for concrescence?surgical separation of teeth if one needs to be extracteda condition found in the molar teeth whereby the body of the tooth and pulp chamber is enlarged vertically at the expense of the rootstaurodontismAs a result with taurodontism the floor of the pulp and furcation of the tooth are moved?apically down the roottaurodontism underlying mechanism of taurodontism is the failure of?late invagination of Hertwig's epithelial root sheath, which is responsible for root formation and shaping causing an apical shift of the root furcationmental foramen is found near?apex of md premolarslateral periodontal cyst/abscess between two md premolars bc the lateral perio cyst is high what cant you do?CANT probeIf the chin is tipped to high leads to what?flat occlusal planechin tipped too low resulting in excessive curving of?occlusal plane, loss of roots of lower anterior teethPatient slumped position resulting in?ghost image, cervical spine superimposedsuperimposition may occur on any radiograph, however you are going to more commonly see it in the lower?anteriorssuperimposition of teeth on a radiograph is the same thing as ?double exposureDouble exposure happens how?when receptor is exposed twice and two images appear superimposed onto eachothertire track or herringbone happens when?film placed backwardsVery light films result in what? 41. insufficient radiation exposure 2. insufficient developing time 3. use of an overused developing solution 4. Use of a developing solution that is too coldif a panoramic radiograph is darker on one side it is due to?light exposurepatient movement happens how?if a patient moves during an exposure.a blurred edge to an image, a halo effect, in an x-ray film caused usually by an overlarge focal spot exacerbated by a long object-to-film distancepenumbraPanoramic radiograph should not wear what?thyroid collar