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  1. The mechanics of biological and muscular activity.
  2. A condition characterized by abnormal blood lipid profiles; may include elevated cholesterol, triglyceride, or low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels and/or low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels
  3. Central Nervous System
  4. Base of Support
  5. A component of the body, the primary role of which is to store energy for later use.
  1. a Dyslipidemia
  2. b CNS
  3. c Body fat
  4. d Biomechanics
  5. e BOS

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  1. BMD
  2. Effusion
  3. CFS
  4. Consequences
  5. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

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  1. One of two performing rights societies in the United States that represent music publishers in negotiating and collecting fees for the non-dramatic performance of music.Dynamic stretching


  2. The opposite side of the body; the other limb.Abduction


  3. In the presence of oxygen.Aerobic


  4. Any daily activity performed for self-care, including personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, eating, transferring from bed to chair and back, voluntarily controlling urinary and fecal discharge, elimination, and moving around (as opposed to being bedridden).Basic activities of daily living


  5. A legal entity, independent of its owners and regulated by state laws; any number of people may own a corporation through shares issued by the business.Chronic disease