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  1. The tissue that binds together and supports various structures of the body. Ligaments and tendons are connective tissues.
  2. The protein myofilaments that are essential for muscle contraction.
  3. Pain in the anterior compartment muscles of the lower leg, fascia, and periosteal lining. Often induced by exertional or sudden changes in activity.
  4. Medications that "block" or limit sympathetic nervous system stimulation. They act to slow the heart rate and decrease maximum heart rate and are used for cardiovascular and other medical conditions.
  5. Delayed onset muscle soreness
  1. a Connective tissue
  2. b Anterior shin splints
  3. c Contractile proteins
  4. d DOMS
  5. e Beta blockers

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  1. Cognitive stage of learning
  2. Coronary atherosclerotic disease
  3. Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry
  4. Asthma
  5. Contract

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  1. Type of stretching that involves taking the joints through their ranges of motion while continuously moving. Often beneficial in warming up for a particular sport or activity that involves the same joint movements.Dynamic stretching


  2. A system used in legal defenses to distribute fault between an injured party and any defendant.Cortisol


  3. A method of resistance training wherein the exerciser lifts as many repetitions as possible until muscle fatigue sets in, then decreases the weight load and continues to lift as many repetitions as possible of the same exercise.Breadown training


  4. A situation that makes a particular treatment or procedure absolutely inadvisable.Albrasion


  5. The amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute; usually expressed in liters of blood per minute.Cardiac output