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  1. Adrenocorticotropin hormone
  2. Principle stating that after a certain level of performance has been achieved, there will be a decline in the effectiveness of training at furthering a person's performance level.
  3. The opposite side of the body; the other limb.
  4. A mineral that exists as a charged ion in the body and that is extremely important for normal cellular function.
  5. The act of maintaining postural control while moving.
  1. a Diminishing returns
  2. b Dynamic balance
  3. c Electrolyte
  4. d Contralateral
  5. e ACTH

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  1. Angina
  2. Anaerobic
  3. Act of God
  4. Edema
  5. CHF

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  1. The major form of cardiovascular disease; results when the coronary arteries are narrowed or occluded, most commonly by atherosclerotic deposits of fibrous and fatty tissue.Coronary heart disease


  2. Bone Mineral DensityBMI


  3. The transition period between the eccentric and concentric actions during plyometrics; a crucial part of the stretch-shortening cycle that contributes to power development.Amortization phase


  4. A long chain of sugar that takes more time to digest than a simple carbohydrate.Complex carbohydrate


  5. Cardiopulmonary resuscitationCPR