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Heredity II - Meiosis


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Asexual reproduction
Cell reproduction in which only one parent cell is needed and results in two exact copies of the original cell.
Sexual reproduction
Cell reproduction in which two parent cells join together to form offspring that are different from both parents
Gametes (or sex cells - such as egg/sperm)
The cells that join together to form offspring and have half the number of chromosomes that human body cells have
Homologous chromosomes
Chromosomes that carry the same sets of genes -- the same sequencing and structure of genes
The copying process that produces sex cells which have half the usual number of chromosomes
Sex Chromosomes
The chromosomes that carry the genes that determine gender (X and/ or Y)
Sex-linked disorders
Certain disorders, such as color blindness, that are carried on genes of sex chromosomes and are recessive traits
Pedigree Chart
A tool used to trace a certain trait (usually a genetic disorder) through generations of a family