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Process of taking in; a color object absorbs certain rays of light which illuminates it while other rays are reflected.


Dimethylketone; a colorless liquid which is used to remove scabs, a solvent for wax, or as a stain remover.

Achromatic Color

A color not found in the visible spectrum; a neutral color such as white, black, gray, and silver and gold (for decorative purposes).

Additive Method

Process of mixing colored lights on a surface whereby the wave lengths of each are combined; adding of two or more lights together to create another light.


Sticking or adhering closely; a substance which may be applied in order to sustain contact of two surfaces.


Psychological; visual impression remaining after the stimulus has been removed.


A kind of pressured atomizer for spraying liquid paint or cosmetic upon a surface.


In color, two or more hues which have the same hue in common.


A material or technique employed to secure tissues or restorative materials in a fixed position.


Angulus; a sharp turn formed by the meeting of two borders or surfaces.

Angle of Projection

The degree from the vertical at which the surface(s) of a prominent feature projects.


Before or in front of; refers to the ventral or abdominal side of the body.


An opening.


Watery, prepared with water as a solvent.


Any structure of a curved or bow-like outline.


Framework; a material, generally of pliable metal or wood, employed to create a frame of support for a wax restoration.


Lack of symmetry or proportion; similarity without identity.


The first applied cream or cosmetic; the vehicle in the cosmetic, i.e. oil-base.

Basic Pigment

One of the four hues corresponding to the pigments of the skin as white, yellow, red, and brown.

Basket-Weave Suture

A network of stitches employed to cross the borders of a cavity or excision, used to anchor fillers and to sustain the tissues in their proper position.


The color of jet in pigments; the darkest of all colors; achromatic; absence of illumination in light.


To whiten by removing color; to make pale.


To grow to become pale or blanched; a chemical which lightens a skin discoloration; the act of lightening a discoloration by chemical means.


A color which escapes at the edge of a mixture; unmixed.


To mix or intermingle a color (or colors) smoothly; to make a gradual change from one color to another.

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