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Maria loves to cook EXOTIC foods using spices from India.
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The two friends live in ADJACENT houses so they spend a lot of time to or nearThe players got into a DISPUTE over whether the ball made it into the basket before the buzzer.argument or disagreementShe lost the tennis MATCH.gameThe class didn't UTTER a word while the teacher stepped outside for a moment. They were so well behaved!speakShe wanted to EXPEDITE her internet order, so she paid for overnight delivery.speed upShe felt like the hike was the longest TREK she had ever taken.journeyThe captain felt that her team would improve and PREVAIL in the next or be victoriousShe found it difficult to CONCEAL her true feelings.hideIt was such a NOVEL idea to change a hanger into a and unusualKim read the book with so much ZEAL that she finished it in one day.enthusiasm or excitementShe tried to PERSUADE her mother into letting her stay up all night.convinceThe firefighter tried to EXTINGUISH the flames.put outShe promised to never DIVULGE the secret.tell or revealThe mechanic needed to DISMANTLE the engine before cleaning it.take apartThe runner thought he would COLLAPSE at the end of the exhausting marathon.fall down due to a loss of strengthDid you ENDORSE the mayor in the last election?supportShe played a sneaky HOAX on her little brother.trickShe is trying to save as much of her INCOME as she can to pay for the son's earnedTry not to FRET all night about your test tomorrow. You studied hard.worryThe TOXIC liquids were kept out of the reach of the children.poisonousThe boy was so TIMID that he hardly ever talked to people.shyThe sick man felt better after drinking the ELIXIR.medicineThis company produces many different PUBLICATIONS.published worksThe play was so SOMBER that nobody smiled.seriousThe use of the rotary dial telephone is almost OBSOLETE now that we have cell phones.out of use or out of fashionPaul is WARY of spiders and always tried to avoid them.cautious or watchfulI was BROWSING the library's collections, trying to find a book that would be perfect to read to the class.looking at