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Georgia: Antebellum period

Georgia played a small role in the Revolutionary war (1775-83). Slavery and corruption continued to spread. The friendly Creek and Cherokee nations were brutalized and exiled. Railroad expanded greatly connecting Athens, Augusta, Macon, and Savannah and Atlanta (Terminus) was founded
Yazoo Land Fraud
land companies bribed GA leaders to sell land cheaply; resulted in U.S. take-over of disputed land
James Jackson
Reformer, wants to clean up the mess made by the Federalists. Plans to repeal the Yazoo deal if elected. Father of Jeffersonian Party in Ga. Swept the election, takes office in 1796, rescinds the Yazoo purchase of year prior.
Trail of Tears
Cherokee were forced to leave their lands traveling over 800 miles more than 4,000 died; 1838
Indian Removal Act 1830
Passed by Congress under the Andrew Jackson administration, this act removed all Indians east of the Mississippi to an "Indian Territory" where they would be "permanently" housed.
Signed the Declaration of Independence
Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, and George Walton
Signed U.S. Constitution
Abraham Baldwin and William Few Jr.
Nancy Hart
a female patriot and spy credited with killing several Tories at her home.
Battle of Kettle Creek
battle near Augusta, GA won by the Patriots on February 14, 1779
Becomes capital in 1779
Eli Whitney
Invented the cotton gin, 1793
cotton gin
machine which automated cotton processing
Gold Rush
largest discovery of gold east of the Mississippi, 1828
University of Georgia
established 1785
Wesleyan College
first womens college, 1836