Bio-151 Chapter 44

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Hearing receptors:specific frequencies of sound are detectedBoth the ___________ and ___________ can vary ontogentically, among individuals, and among speciesspecificity and sensitivitySensory receptors can also be _____.tunedNarrow part of basilar membrane is _____; vibrates in response to _____ frequenciesstiff; highWide part of basilar membrane is _______; vibrates in response to ____ frequenciesflexible; lowMechanoreceptors:detect singals of pressure changes; i.e. hearing, touch, posture-changes, air/water pressurePhotoreceptorsdetect wavelength of light signals. VisionChemoreceptors:detect molecules. Includes taste and smellThermoreceptors:detect temperature changes; feeling warm or coldNociceptorsdetect harmful stimuli. PainMagnetoreceptorsdetect magnetic fieldsThe ear ear drum ear ossciles cochleathe anatomical features that help receive and pick up soundSensory receptors do what?pick up stimuli convert stimuli to signals carry those signals to the brainThe brain(CNS) __________ that signal and _____ _ _______ signal back to the body so that it can _______ appropriatelyThe brain interprets that signal and sends a response signal back to the body so that it can respond appropriatelySensory receptors are ________specificMechanoreceptors:Detect signals of pressure change. Includes hearing, touch, posture-changes, air/water pressure i.e. skin, nose, and earsPhotoreceptors:detect wavelength of light signals i.e visionChemoreceptors:detect molecules i.e. taste and smellThermoreceptorsdetect changes in temperatureNociceptorsdetect harmful stimuli; painMagnetoreceptorsdetect magnetic fields