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which hormone regulates calcium in the blood and the bones?

parathyroid hormone (pth)

insulin deficiency or resistance leads to hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis and leads to:

diabetes mellitus or insulin shock

element that is present in thyroxine:


description of achondroplasia:

genetic defective cartilage formation that affects bone growth (long bones)... type of dwarfism

characteristic of type 1 diabetes mellitus:

little or no insuline is produced.

description of tetany:

constant muscle contraction


stimulates secretion of hormones from the adrenal cortex


stimulates water reabsorption by kidney tubules; decreases urine output


increases reabsorption of sodium by kidney tubules


increases blood sugar


develops and maintains female sex characteristics


helps transport glucose to cells; and decreases blood sugar


sympathomimetic; raises heart rate and blood pressure


promotes growth and maintenance of male sex characteristics


increases metabolism in body cells


raises blood calcium

how many glands are in the endocrine system of the body?


the peripheral nervous system refers to the nervous structures outside of the __?__

skull and spinal cord (central nervous system)

shunts are devices used to

relieve pressure in the brain caused by fluid buildup

what is neuroplasty?

decompression of intact nerves

the endocrine subsection of the cpt manual contains codes for __?__ endocrine glands


within the endocrine system description, the terms subtotal and __?__ mean somthing less than the total


when reporting a craniectomy/craniotomy procedure, it is common to also code __?__ procedure


in the surgery of skull base, the __?__ procedure is what is done to the lesion


what is a health insurance company commonly referred to as?

third party

when can a contract be terminated?

if patient fails to keep appointment, account become delinquent (90 days), refuses to follow the physicians advice

when certain precise steps are not followed when a physician terminates the patient /doctor contract it is called


the type of contract that exists between a healthcare provider and a patient is a/an

implied contract

members of a medical team who are not physisians are called __?__ members


the act that address the prevention of healthcare fraud and abuse of patients eligible for medicare and medicaid benefits is the:

fraud and abuse act

what year was was HIPAA signed into law?


in compliance with HIPAA, when patients visit their healthcare providers for treatment, they are given a:

privacy statement

the office of inpector general (OIG) recommends all medical facilities have a:

written compliance plan

medicare and medicaid records must be kept a minimum of __?__ years


befor medical information can be divulged to a third party, the patient should sign a:

separate release of information

when a health insurance professional intentionally and knowingly misrepresents facts to increase the payment of a claim, it is commonly known as:


improper methods of doing business that are contradictory to accepted business practices is a definintion of:


upcoding and unbundling of charges are examles of:


polyuria, polyphagia polydipsia, weight lass, and fatigue are the principal symtoms of:

diabetes mellitus

a congenital hypothyroid condition that causes mental and growth retardation in the infant or young child is called:


diabetes, which has its onset during pregnancy is called:


the goal of insulin pump therapy is to do what?

simulate normal pancreatic beta-cell function and deliver both basil and bolus insulin doses in patients with type 1 diabetes

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