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All the vocabulary

Acts of the Apostles

part of the bible that tells of the life of the early Church


an angel announced Jesus' birth adn told Mary what to name Him

Annointing with the Chrism

a sign that Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders have in common


followers commisioned by Jesus to spread the Gospel message; most were simple fisherman


the sacrament in which original and all personal sins are forgiven; unites us to the community of faith; gives us the right to other sacraments

Baptism of Jesus

Jesus showed He accepted His mission and was annointed at His Baptism; was baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan

Cardinal Virtues

the most important moral virtues


an unbaptized person preparing to become Catholic


means "annointed one"


sacrament of initiation that seals us with the Holy Spirit

Conscience Formation

a lifelong process informed by the teachings of Jesus and His Church


dedicated follower of Christ


the greates Christian feast

Easter Vigil

adults in the RCIA usually celebrate the sacraments of initiation at this time


letters from the early church leaders that explain how the teachings of Jesus can apply to daily life


belief and trust when you don't understand; a response of God's revelation


a cardinal virtue that gives us courage




Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John


God's life and friendship

Holy Spirit

third person in the blessed Trinity; truly God


God became human. Jesus is truly God and truly man.

Infancy Narritives

Gospel stories about the birth and early life of Jesus that proclaim He is Lord and Savior.


action of God that moves people's minds and hearts to write what He wants made known.


'Jesus' means "God saves." Jesus, the son of God, the son of Mary, and the second person in the Blessed Trinity saved us by His suffering, death, and ressurection. He is human like us but has never sinned; saved us from death and sin; was prophet, priest, and king.

John's Gospel

a poetic, reflective Gospel that differs from Matthew, Mark, and Luke


the teaching authority of the church


the first and best disciple


the leader the people expected who would make them a powerful nation


a story Jesus told about God and the kingdom

Paschal Mystery

the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus; enables us to share in God's life


Jewish group who overstated the law


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults


the culmination adn confirmation fo all Christ's teachings, words, and deeds; gives us hope to rise again. The event on which our belief in Jesus and eternal life depends


outward signs instituted by Christ to give grace; encounters with Jesus in which He acts in us to make us holy

Sacraments of Initiation

Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation


sacred writings containing God's revelationl written testimony of people's belief

Synoptic Gospels

the three gospels that are alike; Matthew, Mark, and Luke


beliefs handed down through the teaching and life of the Church


one God in three persons

Theological Virtues

faith, hope, and charity (love)

Cardinal Virtues

prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance

Gifts of the Holy Spirit (WURKCRew)

wisdom, understanding, reverence, knowledge, courage, right judgement, and wonder and awe

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