Migration to the United States: The Impact on People and Places

Geography Alive Chapter 8

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To move from a country. People who leave a country are called emigrants.
To move to a country. People who move to another country are called immigrants.
Migration streams
The constant flow of migrants from one country into another country. The largest migration stream into the United States today is from Mexico.
Someone who seeks safety by going to another country. Refugees may be escaping political unrest or war. Or they may fear being attacked because of their beliefs.
Push factors
1. Political
2. Environmental
3. Economic
Pull factors
1. Family
2. Education
3.Quality of Life
How does immigration impact USA?
1. Economic;
2. Taxes;
3. Cultural
How does emigration affect homelands left behind?
Brain drain-talent leaves because of better pay
Remittances: Money comes back to homeland
Divided families
Political Impact: Once here, some refugees work hard to bring democracy to their homeland
How does immigration affect USA: Economic Impact (Jobs)
1. Take labor jobs no one wants like farm labor, house cleaners, cab drivers.
2. Some highly educated and work as professors, scientists, athletes, start business, etc.
3. Some native born Americans say Immigrants take jobs away from them.
How immigration affects USA Economy-Taxes
1. More tax money comes into government to support libraries, schools, etc.
2. More services needed for healthcare, language classes, etc.
3. Some states, the cost of immigration is too high and tax payers resent the costs.
How does immigration affect neighborhoods, food and holidays?
Introduce different ways from all over the world.
Immigrants move to neighborhoods like their own country-makes US more exciting (China Town, Little Italy)
What is brain drain?
When high skilled people migrate, their homeland loses their skills and training as well.
How does emigration affect homelands: divided families and community improvement.
1. Emigrants leave families and some never return home;
2. Money sent home helps to better care for aging parents or pays for education back home;
3. Some send money home to build schools that help the entire community.
How does emigration have a political impact on homeland?
Many leave to avoid political unrest and work hard for democracy in homeland.
Why do some regions "push" more migrants than they "pull?"
Poverty and conflict:
Example is Syria, civil war has caused Syrians to flee Syria to neighboring refugee camps or more peaceful countries.
Why might other regions "pull" more migrants than they "push?"
Emigrants are attracted to developed regions where they can find jobs, schools, healthcare, etc. and they prefer to be near homeland. North Africans move to Europe and Latin Americans move to USA or Canada.
Push Factor
Factor, such as unemployment or the lack of freedom of speech, that makes people want to leave their country and move to another.
Pull Factor
Something that encourages people to move to a new place.
What is brain gain?
Brain gain is when the emigrants are educated in the new country and then return to their homeland. The result is a gain in skills and experience for the home country.

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