Terms in this set (40)

  • Alibi
    to prove your innocence you need a good ...
  • a murderer
    a criminal
  • a witness
    somebody who sees the murderer
  • fingerprints
    if you don't wear gloves you may leave some...
  • evidence (a piece of evidence)
    to arrest someone you need some
  • clues
    near a corpse you look for ...
  • DNA
    you can find some next to/on a corpse
  • a murder weapon
    a knife, a rope...
  • investigation
    when there is a murder the detective starts an ...
  • a forensic scientist
    someone who looks for clues on corpses
  • a plot
    an author needs one to write a detective story
  • a reversal of the situation
    when things turn out to be different from what you expected
  • the crime scene
    the place where a victim was found
  • barefeet
    when you don't have shoes on
  • an identikit
    the portrait of a murderer
  • guilty
    opposite of innocent
  • a motive
    the reason why you kill someone
  • a burglar
    somebody who breaks into houses
  • a rope
    it is used to strangle people
  • to occur
    to happen
  • a corpse
    a dead body
  • an accomplice
    somebody who helps the murderer
  • injured
    synonym of 'hurt'
  • to pretend
    to make as if
  • to convince
    to persuade
  • to trap
    to trick
  • to cheat on
    to be unfaithful to
  • a lover
    a mistress
  • skyscraper
    huge building
  • feel dizzy
    afraid of heights
  • a while
    some time
  • to gamble
    to play money games
  • eventually
  • to plan
    to intend
  • to look forward to + verb + ing
    to be impatient
  • arouse suspicion
    to make others suspect
  • jail
  • a widow/widower
    when your husband or wife is dead
  • to yell
    to scream
  • smoothly
    without any problem