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  1. Precambrian Shield, igneous rocks, covers half of Canada, under 600 meters in altitude, thousands of lakes, bare rock surface, thin soils, mostly thinly populated, metallic ores, hydroelectricity, forests, tourism, scenery, recreation.
  2. Thick layers of sedimentary rock cover igneous rocks below, strata flat or gently sloped, oil, natural gas, clay, sand, gravel, flat landscape, fertile soils, agriculture, coal, potash

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  1. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence LowlandsRift valley, sedimentary rock on top of igneous rocks, no metallic ores, salt, infertile soils from sand and clay, intrusive igneous rock forms mountains not volcanoes, smallest but most densely populated, two thirds of Canada's population and manufacturing industries, fertile soils, warmest summers in Canada, agriculture, most industrialized.