Human Phys - Test 3

touch receptors are called
meisner core pussels
the dermis is composed of the raticular and _____ layers
the typw of burn that involvesinjury to the epidermis and the upper region of the dermis and is red, blistered, and painful is termed as a ______ degree
the skin that covers the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet has a layer of the epidermis seen more easily than in other areas of the skin. this layer is the strarum ________
the part of the hair that projects from the surface of the scalp or skin is called the _____________
hair shaft
the epidermal region involved in rapid cell division is called the ____
stratum basale
the glands that produce a mixture of oily substances and fragmented cells are ______
sebaceous glands
membranes that line body cavities that have openings to the exterior of the body are called
the seous membrane that covers the external surface of both lungs is called the ____
visceral pluera
tiny muscles attached to hair follicles that pull the hair upright during fright or cold are called _____
arrector pilli
When an individual is exposed to extremely low air temperatures, the vasculature of the skin will dilate so that blodd will flush into skin capillary beds and the heart will be dissipated. (T/F)
the pinkish hue of healthy individuals with fair skin is the result of the crimson color of oxygenated hemoglobin circulating in the dermal capillaries and reflecting through the dermis. (T/F)
the major portion of the skin is comprised of the dermis (T/F)
the dermis is made up of stratifies squamous epithelium (T/F)
the part of the hair that is enclosed in the follicle is the root (T/F)
collagen is found in large amounts in the outermost layer of the epidermal cells of a hair (T/F)
hair is produced by the hair bulb and is composed primarily of dead keratinized cells (T/F)
the thickened, proximal area of the nail is called the nail matrix, and it is responsible for nail growth (T/F)
the reason that the nail bed appears pink is the presence of a large number of melanocytes in the underlying dermis (T/F)
Joe just burned his hand on a hot pot. A blister forms and the burn is painfuls; Joe's burn would best be described as a third degree burn. (T/F)
the catagories of epithelial tissue membranes are:
mucous, cutaneous, and serous membranes
which of the following is not a serous membrane
the cutaneous membrane
which of the following relationships is incorrect
parietal pericardium - outer surface of the heart
which of the following is a connective tissue membrane
synovial membrane
the skin is a
cutaneous membrane
mucous membranes are located
lining the stomach
an example of a mucous membrane is
the lining of the respiratory tract
although you get wet while swimming, a tough protein within the skin prevents is from soaking up moisture like a sponge, this substance is
the most external skin region is composed of
statified squamous epithelium
which of the followinghas no blood supplu of its own
the epidermis only
which layer insulates deeper tissues from extreme temperature changes that occur outside the body
subcutaneous connective tissue
which of the following homeostatic imbalances is caused by a virus
cold sores
the "tanning" effect that occurs when a person is exposed to the sun is somewhat protective due to
increased production of melanin that helps to block ultraviolet light
melanocytes are found in the
stratum basale
which of the following is found in the dermis
pain and touch receptors
nutrients reach the surface of the skin (epidermis) through the process of:
diffusing through the tissue fluid from blood vessels in the dermis
acne is a disorder associated with inflammation of the
sebaceous glands
which of the following is NOT a true statement about the papillary layer of the dermis
it is the deepest layer of the skin
when the body temperature rises which of the following takes place
eccrine glands become active
the papillary layer of the dermis has structures called
dermal papillae
fingernails are
a modification of the epidermis
the secretions of the eccrin glands are
99% water, sodium chloride, and trace amounts of wastes, lactic acid, and vitamin C
apocrine glands are
found in axillary and genital areas
sebaceous glands are important for
keeping skin and hair cells soft and flexible
what is the FIRST threat to life from a massive third degree burn
a physician estimates the volume of fluid lost in a severly burned patient by
using the "rule of nines"
if a person has sever burns, the two most life-threatening concerns are:
dehydration and infection
which of the following is an indication of melanoma
a pigmented spot that contains areas of different colors
male pattern bladness has a genetic switch that turns on in response to
epidermal cells that are actively mitotic and replace superficial cells that are continually rubbed off are
stratum basale cells