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  1. if gov. does not follow inalienable rights
  2. T. Jefferson
  3. Britian weakend and they got revenge
  4. gov is a necessary evil
  5. wanted revenge
    Sent funds and persuaded Spain to join
  6. Congress adopts the Dec.

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  1. Common sense 2B abused colonies
    Anyone forgiving B is a coward


  2. Based on ideas ofJohn Locke


  3. Spainpersuaded by F
    B's rival
    wanted land
    Captured Strongholds
    got more land


  4. Delcaration includesJune 1776-Continental Congress appoints committee to draft a _______.


  5. Unalienable rightsrights that gov. cannot take away


  6. Common sense 3actions will have a larger effect later on