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Human Phys - Test 5

______ muscle cells are multinucleated
mucle is often attached to bone by strong, cordlike structures called _____
the gap between the motor neuron and the muscle fiber it supplies is called the ______
synaptic cleft
the only energy source that can be used to directly power muscle activity is ______
Cardiac muscle fibers are conected by _______
inebreated disks
the _____ is a powerful forearm extendor
the plasma membrane of the skeletal muscle cell is called the ________
________ refers to a muschol cell's ability to receive and respond to a stimulus
______ is a metabolic pathway that produces water, carbon dioxide, and ATP, and provides for a large amount of ATP per glucose because oxygen is used
aerobic respiration
a muscle type that opposes and reverses the action of another muscle is called a ______
muscle tissue that is involuntary
cardiac muscle and smooth muscle
the muscle tissue that consists of single, very long, cylindrical, mulitinucleate cells with very obvious striations is
skeletal muscle only
which of the following groupings is INCORRECT
striated muscle, cylindrical cells, attached to the skeleton, involuntary
which of the following connective tissues surrounds an individual muscle cell:
which of the following is OT a function fo the muscular system
sarcomere is
the contractile unit of muscle cells
which of the following are composed of myosin
thick filaments
a motor unit consists of
a neuron and all of the skeletal muscle fibers that it stimulates
the mechanical force of cantraction is generated by
a sliding of thin filaments past thick ones
a cetylcholine is
a nerotrasmitter
the muscle that acts as the prime mover for elbow felxion is
an elaborate network of membranes in skeletal muscle cells that function in calcium storage is the
sarcoplasmic reticulum
during muscle contraction, myosin cross bridges attach to active sites of
actin filaments
the major function of the sarcoplasmic reticulum in muscle contraction is to
regulate inracellualr calcium cencentration
after nervous stimulation of the muschle cell has cease, the calcium:
is reabsorbed into the sarcoplasimic reticulum
creatine phosphate functions in the muscle cells by
storing energy that will be transferred to ADP to resynthesize ATP as needed
the fondition of muscle fatigue can be best explained by:
insufficient intracellular quantities of ATP due to excessive consumption
observe the list of muscle actions below, wheich fo them whould NOT be classified as ISOTONIC contraction
pushing against a stationary wall
muscle tone is
a state of sustained partial muscular contraction that is vital for the health of muscles
the most common types of body movements inclue all of the following excep:
which of the following does NOT copress the abdomen
latissimus dorsi
which of the following are composed of actin
thin filaments
a muscle group that works with and assists the action of a prime mover is a
synergist only
which of the following criteria is NOT used in naming muscles
the nerve that supplies the musles
skeletal muscle is called involuntary because it is the only typw of muscle usually subject to conscious contryl (T/F)
skeletal muscles need nerve stimulation for contraction to occur (T/F)
a nerve cell and all the muscle cells that it stimulates are referred to as a motor end plate (T/F)
a contraction in which the muscle does not shorten but its tension increses is called isometric (T/F)
the neurotransmitter used by the nervous system to activate skeletal muscle cells is acetylcholine (T/F)
muscle fatigue and soreness are cause by a buildup of pyruvic acid (T/F)
one of the important functions of skeletal muscle is to produce heat (T/F)
oxygen debt refers to the oxygen required to make creatine phophate (T/F)
a sustained partial contraction of a muscle is called muscle tone (T/F)