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great change

period during which japan was divided into provinces


powerful military lords

onin war

warriors who agreed to fight for nobles in exchange for land

Murasaki Shikibu

a female novelist and poet


the first of the Yamato leaders of japan; Emporer of Heaven: founded line of rulers never to be broken

Minamoto Yoritomo

the first shogun; ruthless ruler, killed many of his own relatives

nara peirod

AD 700's


military leader; title given be Emporer

the tale of genghi

a novel written by Murasaki Shikibu

gempei war

civil war between the tiara family and the minamoto family


an ancient japanese culture that used cords to mark pottery


typhoons that smashed attaking mongol ships


samurai who gave on oath of loyalty


the art of folding paper


a Japanese religion based on the belief in nature spirits


a plan of government

the yai clans

headed by warriors


Yamato prince who used china as an example for japan; created a constitution

the emperor created the title of shogun

to reward his wife's family

when the mongols attacked japan

their ships were smashed by storms


a bond of loyalty between a lord and a vassal is known as


most japanese people believed that buddhism prepared them for the


the art of writing beautifully

rice and wheat

Japanese farmers grow

sea of japan

lies between china and japan


today's emperor of japan decended from

Yamato wrote the constitution

during the great change

government officials during the nara period

hired because they were from nobles from powerful families

the samurai

loyal to their nobles


the military government of japan

Ashikaga takauji

general who made himself shogun

the onin war

a time when warriors fought for control

zen Buddhism

taught how to achieve inner peace


Early Japanese believed all things are alive (wind, mountains, rivers) All these have spirits


small seaside town


holy place to worshiop


one of Japan's four largest islands


one of Japan's four largest islands


one of Japan's four largest islands


one of Japan's four largest islands

Marusaki Shikibu

great novelist and poet of the Japanese Heian period; she wrote the Tale of Genji; some people believe the work is the world's first novel


a chain of more than 3000 islands that run north to south in the pacific ocean off the Korean peninsula


warriors who agreed to fight for the nobles


means "one who serves"


introduced farming, made pottery, lived in clans, skilled metalsmiths

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