Final Exam Review Spring 2013

40 terms by cmask

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Review for Final Exam


may be entered as static or to update each time the document is opened.


inserted with a tab stop, may be dots or lines; it leads the eye to the next tab stop


inserted on the ruler every .5 inches


Used to document a source. Found on the last page of a document.


vertical blocks that may be formatted differently


Text that is printed at the top of each page unless formatted to print differently on the first page.


The white region around the text on a page. Margins must be the same for all pages in a document.


How a document is divided into pages.


Specifies a location within a line of text; all default tab stops are removed to the left of the set tab stop.


resized by clicking on the corner handle of the image


press the line button, click and drag; hold the CTRL key to drag a straight line


words turned into a graphic image


Cells that are next to each other


The column letter and row number that identify a cell, such as B3. These do not have to be keyed in uppercase letters


Mathematical statement used to calculate a value. A formula must always begin with an equal sign.


Vertical part of the worksheet grid identified by the letters A to Z and AA to XFD


Formatting that is applied to a cell when a specified condition is met


Text stored in a cell that cannot be used in calculations


Displays the cell reference of the active cell. Located at the top of the worksheet


The cell displayed with a bold border. Must be active in order to make changes in the cell.


A cell reference that reflects the row or column it has been copied to


the type of Cell Reference that does not change when copied because a dollar sign has been placed in front of both the column letter and row number, such as $A$5.


the function that is used to make a decision based on a comparison


In order from lowest to highest. Also called alphabetical order when the data is text and chronological order when the data is times or dates


Function that adds the values in a range of cells


collection of data and information that is to be delivered to a specific audience


miniature pictures of slides in a presentation


a single image composed of text, graphics, or other images.


controls how text and other objects appear on a slide


a blinking cursor which indicates where your next entry will start


The intersection of a row and column

line spacing

Used to change the amount of space between lines of text in a paragraph

data series

A set of related numerical data plotted on a chart

data labels

identifies each value in the data series

category labels

Text displayed on the x-axis


Corresponds to the category labels in a pie chart and series names in other chart types


Function that calculates the periodic payment for an installment loan


Function that adds the values in a range of cells


Function that adds the values in a range of cells and then divides the result by the number of cells in the range.


Changes a value by rounding it to a specific number of decimal places

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