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December 19th 2010

She lies a lot

Miente mucho

I serve to food

Sirvo la comida

They plan to study

Piensan estudiar

You understand english

Entiendes ingles

We can go to the movies

Podemos ir al cine

We close the book

Cerramos el libro

I think that she lies

Pienso que ella miente

They want to come today

Quieren venir hoy

They eat lunch at 1pm

Almuerzan a la una

The class begins at 8

La clase empieza a las ocho

You all return home late

Volveis a casa tarde

He returns the book to the library

Devuelve el libro a la biblioteca

The plant dies because it doesn't have water

La planta muera porque no tiene agua

We miss the bus

Perdemos el autobus

She loses the money

Pierde el dinero

We plan to go out

Pensamos salir

They say that it costs a lot

Dicen que cuesta mucho

He finds the homework

Encuentra la tarea

I show the painting to the artist

Muestro la pintura al artista

She asks for help

Pide ayuda

They repeat the class

Repiten la clase

We order the drink

Pedimos la bebida

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