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classical conditioningPavlov discoveredshort term memory/working memorymemory that holds 5-9 items at a timeprocedural memoryMemories of skills and how to perform them like driving a caracquisitionIn classical conditioning, the initial stage, when one links a neutral stimulus and an unconditioned stimulus so that the neutral stimulus begins triggering the conditioned response. In operant conditioning, the strengthening of a reinforced response.observational learningwhat type of learning requires cognitive attentionhippocampusA neural center located in the limbic system that helps process explicit memories for storage. converts short term memory to long termextinctionwhat happens in CC if the cs is presented enough times without the ucschunkingCombining small pieces of information into larger clusters or chunks that are more easily held in short-term memory.secondary reinforcerwhat kind of reinforcment is acquired by the process of classical conditioning? like moneystimulus descriminationif palovs dogs only responded to the bell that was originally paired with the food they would have demonstratedcontingentin operant conditioning consequences are more effective if they are immediate-- in operant conditioning terms this is calledfixed ratio/variable ratiowhat two typed of reinforcment schedules are directly contingent on behavior rather than the clockshapingwhat is the term for the technique of conditioning a complex behavior by building on small increments of the final desired goalserial position curveTendency to remember items at the beginning of a list (primacy) and end of a list (recency)elaborative rehersalA type of rehearsal in short-term memory in which incoming information is related to information from long-term memory to encode it into long-term memory.primary reinforcerthe kind of reinforcemnt that is natural because it satisfies biological need.semantic memorymemory specific to knowledge, principles and factsfixed intervalgetting paid hourly is what type of reinforcement?stimulus generalizationto fear all things with similar characteristics. IE Albert feared not only white rats but all things white and fluffyepisodic memorykind of memory that holds your last birthdayinstinctive driftthe tendancy in operant conditioning that demonstrates that we are not born blank as behaviorists assumed, but have natural tendancies for certain behaviorsmemory constructionwhat terms refer to the research done by Elizabeth Loftus on the formation of false memoriesflash bulb memoriesmemory that is so intense and emotional and visual that it seems like an accurate movie type memory but may also be subject to memory reconstruction