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the cut or low-lying portions between the lands in a rifled bore


the spiral grooves formed in the bored of a firearm barrel that impart spin to the projectile when it is fired


the interior of a firearm barrel


the raised portion between the grooves in a rifled barrel


the diameter of the bore of a rifled firearm; the caliber is usually expressed in hundreths of an inch or millimeters


size designation of a shotgun, originally the number of lead balls with the same diameter as the barrel that would make a pound

Greiss test

a chemical test used to develop patterns of gunpowder residues around bullet holes

smooth-bore shotgun barrel

a barrel of a gun that has no grooves or lands


uses a revolving cylinder containing multiple firing chambers; cartridge cases are not automatically ejected by a revolver


or handgun, consists of a barrel, a firing mechanism, and a grip; 3 types of shots: single-shot, revolver, and semi-automatic

semi-automatic pistols

can fire several shots without reloading; automatically expels cartridge casings


a smooth-bore weapon


a should-held weapon normally having a long, rifled barrel


a chemical in GSR


a chemical in GSR

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