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Ch 15 16

An enantiomer is

a stereoisomer that is a mirror image of another molecule

Chirality occurs when stereoisomers have mirror images that are

NOT superimposable

How many different substituents are required on a carbon atom for it to be chiral


A carbohydrate that gives two molecules when it is completely hydrolyzed is known as


A monosaccharide that consists of 5 carbon atoms one of which is a ketone group is a


The reduction of monosaccharides produces

Sugar alcohols

In the L isomer of a Fischer projection on a monosaccharide, the OH group furthest from the carbonyl group is written on the

Left of the bottom chiral carbon

The sugar also known as dextrose and clood sugar is


A glycosidic bond between two monosaccharides can also be classified as

Ether bond -0-

Which sugar is NOT a reducing sugar


The conversion between alpha and beta anomers is called


A carboxylic acid is prepared from an aldehyde by


The reaction of an ester with Na OH is known as


A monosaccharide that contains 4 carbon atoms, one of which is in an aldehyde group is classified as


In a disaccharide two monosaccharides are joined by what kind of bond


Maltose is a


Which grouop of carbohydrates cannot be hydrolyzed to give smaller molecules


Oxidation of a monosaccharide produces

Sugar acids

The functional group in acetic acid is called the

carboxyl group

The reactions that will form an ester in the presence of an acid catalyst are

a carboxylic acid and an alcohol

What is the method of preparing carboxylic acids from alcohols or aldehydes


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