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15 terms

Computer App. Final Exam

program intended to cause harm or convey information to others without owners permission
Trojan Horse
specific type of virus
software installed with another program, usually with the users permission, that generates advertising revenue for the programs creator by displaying targeted ads to the programs user
Like a locked door on computer. Prevents other computers on the internet from accessing a computer and prevents programs on a computer from accessing the internet without the computer users permission
software that tracks computer users internet usage and sends this data back to company or person that created it, usually without users permission
It is usually a two-part scam involving an email and a fraudulent website. Fraudsters send emails urging customers to click on a link, which directs them to a website requesting confidential account and personal information. Information captured on this website is submitted to the fraudster, who uses it to steal money or conduct other types of fraudulent activity.
The size, style, and design of text. A set of characters that uses the same typeface, style and size
physical components of a computer
main circuit board of the computer on which processing tasks occur
result of the computer processing input
the data or instructions you type into the computer
USB Connector
a small, rectangular plug attached to a peripheral device and that you connect to a USB port
the TV-like peripheral device that displays the output from the computer
peripheral computer component that produces a hard copy of the text or graphics processed by the computer
a four part addressing scheme used to identify where a web page is stored on the internet