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Acute angle
An angle with a measurement greater then 0 degrees and less then 90
obtuse angle
An angle that measures more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees
right angle
an angle that measures 90 degrees
straight angle
an angle that measures 180 degrees
acute triangle
A triangle that contains only angles that are less than 90 degrees.
obtuse triangle
A triangle with one angle that is greater than 90 degrees.
right triangle
A triangle that has a 90 degree angle.
an exact location in space that is represented by a dot
A part of a line that has one end point and extends in one direction without ending
Straight set of points that extend in opposite directions without ending
Line segment
Part of a line between 2 end points. The length of the line segment can be measured.
Intersecting lines
Lines that meet or cross a point
Perpendicular lines
Lines that meet or cross each other to form right angles
Parallel lines
Lines that are always the same distance apart. They do not intersect.
Opposites sides equal in length
Opposite angles have same size
Opposite sides are equal in length and parallel
Has 4 right angles
4 equal sides
Opposite sides equal in length and parallel
Opposite sides equal in length and parallel
4 right angles
4 equal sides
A quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides
A rectangle, square, and rhombus are all parallelograms.
A square has same attributes as a rectangle...
It can be classified as a rectangle.
A rectangle CANNOT be a square
Because it does NOT have 4 equal sides
A closed plane figure made up of line segments
Polygon examples
Pentagon, hexagon, octagon
Has 4 sides and 4 angles
Ex is square, rectangle, parallelograms, rhombus

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