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17 terms

US Presidents Revolution-Civil War

President, election, party, # of terms
George Washington
won the 1789 and 1792 election against John Adams, didnt have a party (2 terms)
John Adams
won the 1796 election, no party, (1 term)
Thomas Jefferson
won the 1800 and 1804 election, Democratic-Republican, (2 terms)
James Madison
won the 1808 and 1812 election, Democratic-Republic (2 terms)
James Monroe
won the 1816 and 1820 election, Democratic- Republic (2 terms)
John Quincy Adams
1824 election, Democratic- Republic (1 term)
Andrew Jackson
1828 & 1832 elections, Democrat (2 terms)
Martin Van Buren
1836 election, Democrat (1 term)
William Henry Harrison
1840 election, Whig (1 term) died mid-term
John Tyler
became president after the death of William Henry Harrison
Zachary Taylor
1848 election, Whig (1 term)
Millard Fillmore
became president after the death of Zachary Taylor
Franklin Pierce
1852 election, Democrat (1 term)
James Buchanan
1856 election, Democrat (1 term)
Abraham Lincoln
1860 and 1864 election, Republican (2 terms)
Andrew Johnson
became President after Lincoln's assassination
James K. Polk
1844 election, Democrat (1 term)