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water distribution test MATH

How many gallons of water can a 2.8 cubic foot container hold?
20.9 gallons
How many gallons of paint are required to cover the outside perimeter and the top of a cylindrical tank that is 28-feet high and whose diameter is 14.5-feet? Each gallon of paint covers 200 square feet of surface.
a. 6
b. 7
c. 8
d. 9
e. not enough information to solve
c. 8
What is the gauge pressure exerted at the bottom of a water tank that is 40-feet high and has a 35-foot diameter, when the tank is 70% full?
a. 12.1 psig
b. 92.4 psig
c. 18.9 psig
d. 21.1 psig
e. 71.3 psig
a. 12.1 psig
A fire hydrant is 94-feet below the bottom of a reservoir that has 34-feet of water in it. What is the static water pressure at the fire hydrant when the water is shutoff in the main?
a. 282.1 psi
b. 14.7 psi
c. 55.4 psi
d. 100 psi
e. 128 psi
c. 55.4 psi
How many cubic feet of water can a rectangular tank whose dimensions are 504-ft long, 49.5-ft wide, and 13.8-feet high hold when full?
a. 2,052,721
b. 2,575,232
c. 274,428
d. 344,282
d. 344,282
How many gallons of water can a cylindrical tank contain when full, when it's diameter is 12-feet and whose maximum water elevation is 14-feet?
a. 1,582.6 gallons c. 11,837.5 gallons
b. 1,826 gallons d. 15,826 gallons
c. 11,837.5 gallons
A 12-inch I.D. pipe has a flow of 1,345 gpm. Determine its velocity, in feet per second.
a. 8.3 fps
b. 112.08 fps
c. 3.8 fps
d. 1,713.38 fps
c. 3.8 fps
Determine the amount of paint, in gallons, needed to coat both the outside and top of a cylindrical tank whose area on top is 314 sq. ft. and a pressure gauge at its bottom reads 15 psi when the tank is full of water. Each gallon of paint covers 250 square feet..
a. 21.4
b. 19
c. 9.9 or 10
d. 7
c. 9.9 or 10
A pump was measured and found it delivered 28,780 gallons of water in 15-minutes into a rectangular tank whose dimensions were 100-feet x 38-feet x 18-feet. Determine the pumping rate in gallons per minute.
a. 785 gpm
b. 990 gpm
c. 1,919 gpm
d. 431,700 gpm
c. 1,919 gpm
Determine the amount of gallons a 500-foot long pipe with a 4-inch diameter will contain when fully charged?
a. 326
b. 43.5
c. 46,974
d. 6,280
a. 326
A cylindrical tank whose diameter is 100-feet and whose pressure is 18 psi at its bottom has 1,220,000 gallons removed after it was full. Determine the height, in feet, of the water level in the tank.
a. 13-feet
b. 20.8-feet
c. 28.8-feet
d. 9-feet
e. 41.6-feet
b. 20.8-feet