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Cultural diffusion

Earlier farmers and city dwellers created many new inventions to meet their needs.

Cultural diffusion

Other civilization borrowed and changed these inventions.

Anatolian plateau

A large fertile plateau located in Asia Minor

Iranian plateau

Ringed by mountains, dry, and population is small

The Arabian peninsula

A vast plateau that is 1/3 the size of the United States.

The Arabian peninsula

Borders on several bodies of water: The Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf

The Fertile Crescent

An arched shape region that stretches from the eastern Mediterranean along the Tigres and Euphrates Rivers to the Persian Gulf


Floods spread fertile soil over this area


During fertile season people move around

Permanent Residency

Stay where they are and make a civilization

Tigres and Euphrates

two major rivers in Mesopotamia

Water security (rights)

Governments help farmers to build dikes and canals to control flooding


the only river that flows from South to North

dikes and canals

First Civilization's methods of water control

resources of the region

Conquered territories tend to take the region of their conqueror

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