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Theater Art Final

Theater Art Final
moving from one thing to another (not permanent)
How should you behave in a play?
-No cell phone
-Laugh appropriately
-No eating
-Don't leave during performances
Whats the most powerful place on stage?
The center
How does the play begin?
Curtains open, then lights turn on, and sound
What is Scenery?
a 'set' or backdrop
Where are the sets built?
The Scene Shop
Where is the worst seat in theater? Why?
the side back corner because it's hard to hear, see, and all you see is the 'side line'
Where is the best seat in theater?
In the center middle with your eye line
What is Acting?
reacting and behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances
What is Sense Recall?
thinking back about something you felt, seen, heard, taste, smell, etc...
Whats the worst way to stand on stage?
With your back to the audience
Cross the stage
When two actors switch positions
What's Opera?
it's singing, which is not dialogue
What are plays?
They are broken up between acts and scenes
What is Solilique?
Speaking alone on stage
What is aside?
Speaking in stage and the characters can't hear it
What is pantamine?
a movement and doesn't include dialouge
What is Ensamble?
a group of people, cast
What should you do before you addition?
introduce yourself
A highschool should have how many seats?
What's "Off Broadway"
when there are more then 387 seats
How many exits should there be?
4 exits, 2 in the side and 2 for the entrance
Whats the house?
The Audience
What are the lights above you?
The house lights
If you use the light with a circle"spot light"
focuses on the object
When you open a back door
it creates a draft
Behind a set is called Backstage
because it's behind the staging
Thrust is the
outside part "to thrust"
Lights above the thrust
are thrust lights
4th wall divides the thrust
is also known as the proscenium arch
The red huge curtain is called
the grand
Offstage left and right are
called the wings
Lights toward the back
are work lights
Work lights
high light where you work
is the screen all the way in the back, used for school assemblies
aleg is
the side black curtain, when you break a leg you enter the stage with lots of energy
when you are behind aleg,
it is called being blocked by a leg
hold the microphone
3 - 7 inches away from your face