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English 1st Semester Exam

to save hrothgar and the danes
why does Beowulf slay Grendel?
wishes to prove his bravery
why does Beowulf fight Grendel with his bare hands?
loyal supporter of Beowulf who makes a speech about loyalty and bravery
Who was Wiglaf?
He fights the dragon with only Wiglaf's help and is killed
What finally happens to Beowulf?
As he is dying he expresses is pride in what he did for his people
Does Beowulf feel pride in what he did for his people?
His attack of the dragon
What was the most important thing that Beowulf did for his people?
Woven mail shirt
What piece of Beowulf's equipment saves his life when he fights Grendel's mother?
A reminder of his greatness
Beowulf's funeral pyre is supposed to remind his people of what?
Repetition of beginning sounds
What is alliteration?
Saves his people from possible disaster
Epic Hero?
another name for a familiar object (she wolf- grendals mom)
church clergy
the pardoner is the official of the...?
selling relics, papal pardons, begging, and preaching
how does the pardoner earn money?
because plague is everywhere
in the pardoners tale, why is everyone so afraid of death?
to get back for their friends deaths
why do the rioters go looking for death?
an old man
death is betrayed as both wickedness and a actual person (who) ?
the knight
who prevents a fight between the pardoner and the host?
relics that will forgive them for their sins and help them go to heaven
what does the pardoner offer to his fellow pilgrims?
say one thing and mean another
verbal irony?
what actually happens is different from what is expected
situational irony?
he was a young lord, and was poisoned by his lover
who was lord randall and what actually happened to him?
because he was sick
why is lord randall's mother worried about him?
hunting in greenwood and having dinner with his lover
where has lord randall been?
his lover
who poisoned lord randall?
sad love stories or songs, something sad or tragic, mystery, fun
what are the typical elements of a ballad?
to pause or break, to repeat lines or words
to refrain?
structured answer
many ballads have a "question and ?" structure.
why is "get up and bar the door" not a typical ballad?
his glasses
how is piggy associated with the starting of the fire on the island?
he commends them for their survival
what does the British officer tell the boys when they are rescued?
who is the only person that knows the beastie is really a person?
evil is within all of us
what does the novel say about the evil in all humans?
who are the dreamer and the mystic on the island?
destroying things instead of creating things
how does jack prefer to lead?
because he can not organize things
why does ralph fail as a leader?
what is going on in the world while the boys are on the island?
rational level of human thought
what does the platform symbolize?
because it is a natural fortress
why is castle rock an ideal home for the savages?
the beast is among them and they should fear eachother. beast within the self's
according to Piggy and simon, what is the beast the boys should fear most?
to introduce the pilgrims and tell the background of the story
what sis chaucers main objective in the prologue?
thomas a beckett shrine because it has relics of saints and the pilgrimage is a tradition
where are the pilgrims going and why?
to stay entertained and to win a free meal
why do pilgrims tell tales on the way?
sore on his leg
what affliction does the cook have on his leg?
she is deaf
what physical impairment doe the wife of bath have?
the host
which character resembles chaucer himself?
the knight
which pilgrim does chaucer describe first?
oxford clinic
which pilgrim prefers to be poor and study?
carpenters, dyers, haberdasher, weaver, and carpet maker
which pilgrims are members of the craft guilds?
what a women wants
in the wife of bath tale what does the knight have to find out?
the queen
who orders him to find the answer?
more than 24 young women dancing
who does the knight see before he see th old woman?
to have mastery over their husbands
according to the old woman, what do women want?
what does th old woman demand from the knight?
he says you decide what for you take
how do we know the knight has learned his lesson?
it cannot be inherited
what does the wife say about being of gentle birth?
making fun of something or someone
chaucers description of the clergy uses satire. what does that mean?
narrator tells the story, author came up with the concept or wrote the story
what is the difference between the narrator and the author?
witty or clever, down to earth
describe the wife of baths narrative voice?
rhyming lines
what is a couplet?
is the wife of bathe modest?
does chaucer use of characterization differ fro authors today?
appeals to the senses
Author describes the dress, behavior and appearance of the characters
what is characterization?