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The Chinese Boycott

President Roosevelt, during his Southern tour in October last, set forth in his Atlanta speech the true remedy for our present unsatisfactory relations with China, when he said:--
"We cannot expect China to do us justice unless we do China justice. The chief cause in bringing about the boycott of our goods in China was undoubtedly our attitude towards the Chinese who come to this country....Our laws and treaties should be so framed as to guarantee to all Chinamen, save of the excepted coolie class, the same right of entry to this country, and the same treatment while here, as is guaranteed to citizens of any other nation. By executive action I am as rapidly as possible putting a stop to the abuses which have grown up during many years....I can do a great deal and will do a great deal even without the action of Congress; but I cannot do all that should be done unless some action is taken. It is needed in our own interest, and especially in the interest of the Pacific Slope and of the South Atlantic and Gulf States....The action I ask is demanded by considerations that are higher than mere interest, for I ask it in the name of what is just and right. America should take the lead in establishing international relations on the same basis of honest and upright dealing which we regard as essential between man and man."
-John W. Foster, The Atlantic Monthly, January 1906

The source is most likely in response to which historical development of the late 19th and early 20th century?
a) The Boxer Rebellion
b) Jim Crow Segregation
c) The Open Door Policy
d) The Chinese Exclusion Acts