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수요일Wednesday목요일Thursday금요일Friday토요일Saturday일요일Sunday시간time그때that time, then같이together식사해요to eat생일이 며칠이에요?What day is the birthday?생일이 언제예요?When is the birthday?오늘이 며칠이에요?What day is today?음력lunar calendar추석Korean Thanksgiving day축하합니다Congratulations!생일 축하합니다.Happy birthday!시간 있어요?Do you have time?작년last year올해this year내년next year지난달last month이번달this month다음달next month어제yesterday오늘today내일tomorrow맛있게 드세요.Please enjoy your meal.더 드세요.Please eat some more.오늘이 무슨 요일이에요?What day is today?