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After Spain's successful colonization of the Americas, what other European countries took intrest in the New World?

England, France and the Netherlands

Along with the original intent of the Spanish explorers, what did other European explorers want to find?

A trade route to Asia through North America

How would you describe the relationship between the French and the Indian people?


Jacques Marquette and Louise Joliet explored what North American area?

Great Lakes and upper Mississippi River

What 3 bodies of water were named after Henry Hudson?

Hudson River, Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay

What attitude did other European countries have toward the Treaty of Tordesillas?

They ignored it

what continent did the colonist turn to when many of the natives they used for slave labor died from disease?


what country did Henry Hudson, an Englishman explore for?


What country did the English collide with in their attempt to expand further west?


what country was pushed out of the middle atlantic region in order that the English take total control of the Eastern seaboard?

Netherlands (Dutch)

what did the English settlers believe the Indians to be?


what did Verrazano discover during his attempt to find a sea route to the Pacific

New York Harbor

what English, religious group sought religious freedom from the Anglican Church of England


what French explorer discovered Quebec?

Samuel Champlain

what french explorer found the St. Lawrence River

Jacques Cartier

What Indian group did the Dutch trade with


What items, brought from Europe, did the Indians trade their furs?

gun, hatchets, mirrors, and beads

what modern city of Canada did Cartier find?


what present day Caribbean countries did Britian claim?

Barbados and Jamaica

What present day Caribbean countries did the Dutch claim?

Netherlands Antilles and Aruba

What present day Caribbean countries did the French claim?

Haiti, Guadeloupe and Martinique

what product that was in great demand in England became a money crop for the Jamestown settlers?


What religious group founded the second English settlement?


what resource was needed to work the large plantations of the Caribbean islands

slave labor

what state was named after French king Louis XIV


what treaty seperated the New World into Spain and Portugal

Treaty of Tordesillas

what type of trade did the Dutch set up along Hudson River

fur trade

What war result from the continual conflict between the French and the British

french and indian war

what was different about the English attitude toward land ownership than the Dutch and the French

wanted to populate the land

what was more destructive to the Native Americans than muskets and cannons


what was the name of the first colony established by the English in North America


What was the original mission of Giovanni da Verrazano

a sea route to the Pacific

what was the prime economic activity of the French in the new world

fur trade

what were the Dutch holdings in north america called

new netherlands

what were the newly claimed French territories called

new france

what were the plantation crops that the Europeans grew on the Caribbean Islands

cotton and sugar

where did the Pilgrims set up their settlement

Plymouth, Mass

Who claimed the whole Mississippi River Valley for France

Sieur de La Salle

who was the Indian leader during King Phillip's war?


Who won the french and Indian War?


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