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presence and growth of microorganism


an extremely small microscopic living body


small microscopic organism


nondisease producing microbe


capable of causing disease


organism capable of causing disease, condition or infection

chain of infection

a series of events that lead to an infection

causative organism

organism responsible for causing an infection


person or substance that houses a pathogen


person that does not have symptoms but can transfer a disease

mode of exit

the way a pathogen gets out of a host

susceptible host

someone at risk for contracting a disease

means of transmission

method by which the microorganisms can be transferred


a way to help prevent the spread of disease


a retrovirus that causes immunodeficiency syndrome

hepatitis B HBV

blood borne pathogen that can cause severe to chronic infection

blood borne pathogen

infectious microorganisms found in blood and body fluid


objects that can harbor microorganism


anything that is harmful to humans


free from disease

invasive procedure

procedure that requires penetration of the skin, must be sterile

strike through

contamination caused by a pathogen transported from a sterile to non sterile area

biological hazzards

materials that are dangerous to health


any item that can puncture

enviromental protection agency

federal agency that regulates harmful substances in a facility


use of a drug or chemical to prevent disease

strict isolation

patient completely separated

enteric isolation

bacteria comes from intestinal tract


bacteria comes from skin infection, open wounds


isolation is required tuberculosis

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