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a form of government in which power is in the hands of representatives elected by voting citizens.


a member of the wealthy, priveledged upper class.


common farmers, artistans, and merchants who mad eup most of the roman population


an official elected by the plebians to protect their rights


one of the two powerful officials elected each year to command the army and direct the government


the supreme government body, originally made up only of aristocrats


a political leader given absolute power to make laws and command the army for a limited time


a military unit of the roman army made up of about 5,000 foot soldiers and a group of them on horseback

punic wars

three wars between rome and carthage that resulted in the defeat of Carthage and roman control over that region


a brilliant military strategist who wanted to avenge Carthage's earlier defeat

civil war

a conflict between two political groups within the same country

julius caesar

military leader who became ruler of rome in the triumvirate, but due to jealousy of his power, was assasinated


a group of three leaders sharing control of the govenment


caesar;s nephew who took power as the unchallenged ruler of rome after his uncle's assasination

pax romana

a period of peace and prosperity throughout the roman empire


a decline in the value of money accompanied by a rise in the prices of goods and services


a soldier who is paid to fight in a foreign army


strong-willed army leader who became the new emperor


diocletion moved the capital of rome to the eastern side which was called Bzantium, which was later named after Constantine, which became Constantinoble


chieftan who united Germany and the Huns

greco-roman culture

an ancient roman culture that developed from a blending of greek, hellenistic, and roman clutures


roman town which was was convered in ash when nearby Mt. Vesuvius erupted, preserving many buildings and pieces of art


the roman poet who wrote the aenid


roman historian who wrote annais and histories
wrote down history correctly


a pipeline or channel built to carry water to highly populated areas

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