Chap 17 quiz

While human cells normally contain...... chromosomes, called the......number, gametes (eggs and sperm) contain 23 chromosomes, the......number.
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breastsproduce milkuterusreceives and nourishes embryodiaphragmbarrier methodcondomsonly contraception method that protects against STD'SSpermicideskill sperm, available in foam, jelly, cream, tabletintrauterine devicedevice inserted into the uterus by a physiciansterilizationpermanent method, involves cutting tubes in male or femalehormonal contraceptionestrogen/ progesterone or progesterone alone given to prevent ovulationa woman is most fertilefor about 4 days following ovulationKnowledge about sexually-transmitted infections is important because:viral diseases cannot be cured these diseases can show no symptoms untreated, these diseases can be transmitted for life bacterial diseases can be cured, but only if treated earlyHIV cannot be transmitted by which of the following?hugging