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Pectoral Region
Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, Subclavius
Pectoralis Major
Origin: Clavical (Clavicular), Sternum & Upper Ribs (Sternocostal), Tendon of the External Oblique Muscle
Insertion: Greater Tubercle (Lateral lip of Intertubercular groove on Humerus)
Actions: Adduction & Medial Rotation of humerus, Forced inspiration by elevating rib cage when humerus is fixed. Clavicular Portion: flexes humerus @ shoulder joint. Sternocostal Portion: extends humerus @ shoulder joint when humerus is in flex position.
Never Supply: Medial Pectoral Nerve (C8-T1) and Lateral Pectoral Nerve (C5-C7)
Pectoralis Minor
Origin: Upper Ribs
Insertion: Coracoid Process/Scapula
Action: Protraction & Abduction of Scapula, Elevates rib cage during forced inspiration
Nerve Supply: Medial Pectoral Nerve (C8-T1)
Origin: First Rib
Insertion: Subclavian groove/Clavicle
Action: Moved clavicle medially, acts as cushin between clavicle & subclavian vessels
Nerve Supply: Nerve to the Subclavius (C5-C6)
Shoulder Muscles
Trapezius, Rhomboid Major, Rhomboid Minor, Levator Scapula, Latissimus Dorsi, Serratus Anterior
Origin: superior nuchel line/Occiput, external occipital protuberance, Ligamentum Nuchae, Spines of the thoracic vertebrae
Insertion: Clavicle & Acromion process & Spine of Scapula
Action: Stabilize scapula (anatomical position) Upper Portion: elevates scapula, Middle & Lower Portions: Adducts Scapula
Nerve Supply: Spinal Accessory Nerve (XI), Sensory (C4-C5)
Rhomboid Major
Origin: Spine/Upper Thoracic Vertebrae
Insertion: Vertebral border/scapula
Action: ellevate & adducts scapula, stabilizes scapula
Nerve Supply: Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C5)
Rhomboid Minor
Origin: Spine/lower cervical & T1
Insertion: Vertebral border/scapula
Action: stabilize scapula, elevate and adducts scapula
Nerve Supply: Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C5)
Levator Scapular
Origin: Transverse processes of upper cervical vertebrae
Insertion: Superior Angle/Scapula
Action: Elevate Scapula, Adducts scapula, Stabilize Scapula
Nerve Supply: Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C5)
Latissimus Dorsi
Origin: Spine/Lower thoracic & Lumbar vertebrae, Thoracodorsal fascia, crest of ilium
Insertion: intertubercular groove (medial lip of groove)
Action: Extends, adducts & medially rotates humerus, involved in forced inspiration
Nerve Supply: Thoracodorsal Nerve (C7-C8)
Serratus Anterior
Origin: Upper Ribs
Insertion: Vertebral Border/Scapula
Action: Abduction/protraction of scapula, stabilizes scapula, and involved in forced inspiration when humerus is abducted
Nerve Supply: Long Thoracic Nerve (C5-C7)
Scapular Muscles
Deltoid, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Subscapularis, Teres Major, Teres Minor
Origin: Anterior/clavicular portion from clavicle, Middle/acromial portion- from the acromion process of scapula, Posterior/spinous portion
Insertion: Deltoid Tuberosity/Humerus
Action: Anterior Portion: Flexes & medially rotates arm, Middle Portion: Abducts arm, Posterior Portion: Extends & laterally rotates arm
Nerve Supply: Axillary Nerve (C5-C6)
Origin: Supraspinous fossa/scapula
Insertion: Greater Tuberosity/Humerus
Action: Initiates Abduction of the arm, helps laterally rotate humerus, helps stabilize shoulder joint
Nerve: Suprascapular nerve (C5-C6)
Origin: Infraspinous fossa/scapula
Insertion: Greater Tuberosity/humerus
Action: Laterally rotates humerus & stabilizes shoulder joint
Nerve Supply: Suprascapular nerve (C5-C6)
Origin: Subscapular fossa/scapula
Insertion: Lesser Tuberosity/Humerus
Action: Medially rotates humerus & stabilizes shoulder joint
Nerve Supply: Subscapular Nerve (C5-C6)
Teres Major
O: Inferior Angle/scapula
I: Medial lip of intertubercular groove (lesser tuberosity)
A: Adducts humerus, stabilizes shoulder joint, medially rotates humerus
N: Subscapular Nerve (C5-C6)
Teres Minor
O: Axillary Border/Scapula
I: Greater Tuberosity/humerus
A: Laterally rotates humerus, stabilizes shoulder joint
N: Axillary Nerve (C5-C6)
Arm Muscles
Biceps Brachii, Coracobrachialis, Brachialis, Triceps Brachii
Biceps Brachii
O: Shorthead-coracoid process, Longhead- supraglenoid tubercle/scapula
I: Tuberosity/radius, Shaft/ulna
A: Flexion of forearm, supinates the radius (prime mover)
N: Musculocutaneous nerve (C5-C6)
O: Coracoid process/scapula
A: Flexion & weak adduction of arm (shoulder joint), stabilizes shoulder joint
N: Musculocutaneous Nerve (C5-C6)
O: Shaft/Humerus
I: Coronoid process/ulna
A: Flexes forearm (equal prime mover)
N: Musculocutaneous Nerve (C5-C6)
Triceps Brachii
O: Long head- Infraglenoid tubercle/scapula, Lateral head- shaft/humerus, Medial head- shaft/humerus
I: Olecranon process/ulna
A: Extension of forearm
N: Radial Nerve (C7, C8)
Anterior Superficial Forearm
Pronator Teres, Flexor Carpi Radiallis, Palmaris Longus, Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, Flexor Digitorum Superficialis
Pronator Teres
O: Medial epicondyle/humerus, coronoid process/ulna
I: Pronator ridge/radius
A: Pronates forearm at superior radio-ulnar joint, assists in flexion at elbow joint
N: Median Nerve (C6, C7)
Flexor Carpi Radialis
O: Medial epicondyle/humerus
I: 2nd metacarpal w/ small slip to 3rd metacarpal
A: Equal prime mover for flexion of hand (@ wrist joint), assists in abduction of hand
N: Median Nerve (C6, C7)
Palmaris Longus
O: Medial Epicondyle/humerus
I: Palmar Aponeurosis (fascia)
A: Helps flex hand, tightens fascia of palm/helps with palmar grip
N: Median Nerve (C7, C8)
Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
O: Medial epicondyle/humerus, Olecranon process/ulna
I: Pisiform, hamate, & 5th metacarpal
A: Equal prime mover for flexion of hand at wrist joint, adducts hand
N: Ulnar Nerve (C7, C8)
Flexor Digitorum Superficialis
O: Medial Epicondyle/humerus
I: Middle phalanges/digits 2-5
A: Flexes the PIP joints of digits 2-5, helps flex the hand
N: Median Nerve (C7, C8)
Deep Anterior Forearm
Flexor Digitorum Profundus, Flexor Pollicus Longus, Pronator Quadratus
Flexor Digitorum Profundus
O: shaft/ulna
I: Distal phalanges/digits 2-5
A: Flexes the DIP joints of digits 2-5, helps flex hand
N: Ulnar Nerve & Median Nerve (C8, T1)
Flexor Pollicus Longus
O: shaft/ulna
I: Distal phalanx/digit 1
A: Flexes the thumb (digit 1) @ IP joint
N: Median Nerve (C8, T1)
Pronator Quadratus
O: Shaft/ulna
I: Shaft/radius
A: Pronation of forearm @ inferior radial-ulnar joint, helps stabilize the inferior-radial-ulnar-joint
N: Median Nerve (C8, T1)
Posterior Superficial Forearm
Brachioradialis, Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus, Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis, Extensor Digitorum Maximus, Extensor Digiti Minimi, Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
O: Lateral supracondylar ridge/humerus
I: Styloid process/radius
A: Helps flex forearm, pronates and suprinates the forearm
N: Radial Nerve (C5, C6)
Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus
O: Lateral Epicondyle/humerus
I: 2nd metacarpal
A: Extend the hand, abduct the hand
N: Radial Nerve (C6, C7)
Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis
O: Lateral epicondyle/humerus
I: 3rd metacarpal
A: extend the hand, abduct the hand
N: Radial Nerve (C6, C7)
Extensor Digitorum Maximus
O: Lateral epicondyle/humerus
I: Middle phalanx/digits 2-5
A: Extends digits 2-5, Extend hand, abducts digits 2, 4, 5
N: Radial Nerve (C6, C7, C8)
Extensor Digiti Minimi
O: Lateral Epicondyle/humerus
I: Proximal phalanx/digit 5
A: Extend digit 5
N: Radial Nerve (C6, C7, C8)
Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
O: Lateral Epicondyle/humerus
I: 5th Metacarpal
A: Extend hand, helps adduct hand
N: Radial Nerve (C6, C7, C8)
Deep Posterior Forearm
Supinator, Abductor Pollicus Longus, Extensor Pollicis Brevis, Extensor Pollicis Longus, Extensor Indicis, Anconeus
O: Lateral epicondyle/humerus, supinator crest/ulna
I: shaft/radius
A: Supinates forearm
N: Radial Nerve (C6)
Abductor Pollicis Longus
O: Shaft/ulnar & radius
I: 1st metacarpal
A: abducts digit 1 and C-M joint
N: Radial nerve (C6, C7)
Extensor Pollicis Brevis
O: Shaft/radius
I: Proximal phalanx/digit 1
A: Extends digit 1 @ M-P joint
N: Radial nerve (C6, C7)
Extensor Pollicis Longus
O: Shaft/ulna
I: Distal Phalanx/digit 1
A: Extends digit 1 @ I-P joint
N: Radial Nerve (C6, C7, C8)
Extensor Indicis
O: Shaft/Ulna
I: Proximal Phalanx/digit 2
A: Extends digit 2 @ M-P joint
N: Radial Nerve (C6, C7, C8)
O: Lateral epicondyle/humerus
I: Olecranon process/ulna
A: Extends forearm
N: Radial Nerve (C7, C8)
Thenar Eminence Muscles
Abductor Pollicis Brevis, Opponens Pollicis, Flexor Pollicis Brevis, Adductor Pollicis
Abductor Pollicis Brevis
O: Trapezium and scaphoid
I: Proximal phalanx/digit 1
A: Abducts digit 1 @ M-P joint
N: Median Nerve (C8, T1)
Opponens Pollicis
O: Trapezium
I: 1st metacarpal
A: Medially rotates 1st metacarpal
N: Median Nerve (C8, T1)
Flexor Pollicis Brevis
O: Trapezium, trapezoid, and capitate bones
I: Proximal phalanx/digit 1
A: flexes digit 2 @ M-P joint
N: Ulnar Nerve & Median Nerve (C8, T1)
Adductor Pollicis
O: Trapezoid, capitate, 2nd & 3rd metacarpals (oblique head), 3rd metacarpal (transverse head)
I: Proximal phalanx/digit 1
A: Adducts digit 1
N: Ulnar Nerve ( C8, T1)
Hypothenar Muscles
Abductor digiti Minimi (Quinti), Flexor Digiti Minimi (Quinti), Opponens Digiti Minimi (Quinti), Lumbricales
Abductor Digiti Minimi (Quinti)
O: Pisiform
I: Proximal phalanx/digit 5
A: Abducts digit 5
N: Ulnar Nerve (C8, T1)
Flexor Digiti Minimi (Quinti)
O: Hamate
I: Promixal Phalanx/digit 5
A: flexes digit 5 @ M-P joint
N: Ulnar Nerve (C8, T1)
Opponens Digiti Minimi (Quinti)
O: Hamate
I: 5th metacarpa
A: Laterally rotates 5th metacarpal
N: Ulnar nerve (C8, T1)
O: Tendons of the flexor digitorum profundus muscle
I: Tendons of the extensor digitorum muscle
A: Flexes M-P joints, Extends I-P joints
N: 1st & 2nd Lumbricales- Median Nerve (C8, T1), 3rd & 4th Lumbricales- Ulnar Nerve (C8, T1)
Dorsal, Palmar
O: 2nd, 3rd, 4th metacarpals
I: Proximal Phalanx of digits 2,3,4
A: Abducts digits 2-4, flexes MP joints, extends IP joints
N: Ulnar nerve (C8, T1)
O: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th metacarpals
I: Proximal Phalanx of digits 2, 4, and 5
A: Adduct digits 2, 4, 5; flex MP joints; extend IP joints
N: Ulnar Nerve (C8, T1)