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B101 Theory Blue Mod

Combination of A&P chapter 22 and MA chapters 45 and 54 reviews
This structure is called the windpipe and is supported by rings of cartilage:
These respiratory tubes are primarily composed of smooth muscle and determine the flow of air to the alveoli:
The trachea branches into the right and left:
pulmonary capillaries
Oxygen diffuses from the alveoli into the...
This nerve innervates the diaphragm:
skeletal muscle
The diaphragm is made of:
serous membranes
The pleural membranes are...
Difficulty breathing is called...
The adam's apple is made of...
paranasal sinuses
Frontal, maxillary, sphenoidal and ethmoidal are...
air moves out of the lungs
When the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles relax...
normal, quiet breathing
Which best describes eupnea?
attatched to hemoglobin
Most oxygen is transported through the blood...
Bronchiolar constriction is most likely to cause...
Surfacants are found within the...
Intra-alveolar surface tension is due to...
Boyle's law forms the basis of...
Boyle's law states the relationship between volume and...
are located in the upper respiratory tract
The nares, nostrils and nasal septum...
oxyhemoglobin and carbaminohemoglobin
Which of the following is most realated to the transport of the respiratory gases by the blood?
constriction of the bronhiolar smooth muscle
Which of the following contributes to the wheezing of asthma?
Anatomic dead air space is most associated with this structure:
has a high surface tension
The water molecule is polar, meaning that each end of the molecule has an electrical charge because of this characteristic, water....
Which of the following structures is located in the lungs?
What is the transport mechanism necessary for the movement of oxygen from the alveoli across the pulmonary capillary membranes into the blood?
Across which structure does most gas exchange occur?
Which structure has the thinnest wall?
the diaphragm contracts
The phrenic nerve fires...which event occurs next?
This respiratory structure is distal to the trachea and proximal to the alveoli.
Which structure is classified as part of the upper respiratory tract?
pharynx and trachea
The medical terms for "throat" and "windpipe" are:
Crackling sounds heard on auscultation of the chest are known as?
Nonproductive cough and expiratory wheezing are signs of:
Which respiratory action is initiated by a signal from the medulla oblongata?
do not cough during the test & it is OK to bend at the waist but not at the chin
In preparation of a patient for spirometry, which of the following instructions is appropriate?
The main trunk of the respiratory system is the...
Which of the following refers to slow and shallow respiration?
When the physician orders a nebulizer treatment, the route of drug administration is through....
The procedure that measures the amount of air moving into and out of the lungs is:
the genus and the habitat of the organism
In the scientific name Escherichia Coli, "Coli" is:
An infection aquired in the hospital is called:
Tiny gram-negative organisms transmitted by blood-sucking insects are:
treponema pallidum
An organism that is unlikely to be transmitted by airborne droplets is:
clostridium botulinum
An organism that is unlikely to be transmitted by sexual contact is:
You observe a bacterial smear and note that the arrangement of the organisms resembles the stitching on jeans. This arrangement is termed:
The ideal means for sterilizing a wire inoculating loop between uses is:
purple rods
Microscopically, a gram-positive bacillus appears as:
helicobacter pylori
The rapid detection test that assists in the diagnosis of stomach ulcers detects:
a microscope to view the eggs that have adhered to a lengh of cellulose tape
A cellulose tape test for pinworms requires: