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Flurosceine (Ophthalmic)

Dye used to diagnosis corneal abrasions, corneal ulcers and herpetic corneal infections.; Document L or R eye, and wether or not the dye uptook.

Fundoscopy (Ophthalmic)

Exam with an ophthalmoscope to visualize the interior surface of the eye.; Document L or R eye, and abnormal findings such as papilledema or hyphema.

Slit Lamp (Ophthalmic)

Examining the eye with an instrument that uses a high intensity light source. ; L or R eye and findings as verbalized by the physician.

Tonometry (Ophthalmic)

Procedure where ocular pressure is measured using a Tono en.; Document L or T eye and results in mmHg.

Arthrocentisis (Orthopedic)

Draining fluid from a joint. Also called joint aspiration. Document sterile technique, local anesthesia, needle size, amount and color of fluid obtained, culture sent, dressing applied.

Fracture Reduction (Orthopedic)

Realignment of broken bones; Document sedation note, technique, NV intact, splint application, x-ray s/p reduction.

Digital Block (Orthopedic)

Using anesthesia to numb a digit, usually used for laceration repair or reduction.; Document digit, the name and amount of anesthesia used.

In-line stabilization (Orthopedic)

Technique used to hold the cervical spine in place to prevent injury to the cord; Document c-collar and backboard in place.

Dislocation Reduction (Orthopedic)

Realignment of a joint fordislocation; Document a note on sedation, technique, successful results, NV intact, splint application, x-ray s/p reduction.

Cautery (General)

Burning of blood vessels to cause hemostasis.(e.g. epistaxis); Document anatomical location, preparation, instrument/medication used, results, dressing applied.

Central Line Placement (General)

A catheter that is passed through a vein to end up in the vena cava or in the right atrium in the heart.; Document Indication, risks and benefits discussed with patient or guardian, consent obtained (unless consent precluded by clinical urgency). Preparation-patient position, Sterile-field established,

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