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sales history

a tool that retaurants use to keep a record of what was sold each day

production volume

allows the operation to produce food in sufficient quantities at a specified level of quality, without having excess unused product

Tools to control production volume

standardized recipies
product specification sheets
menu descriptions
preparation sheets

standardized recipes

list the ingredients and quantities needed for a menu item, as well as methods used to produce it and its appropriate portion size

standardized recipies include

ingredient details
correct weights and measures of the ingredients
equiptment and tools needed
volume to be produced
time required to make the item
storage and prep information
cooking methods to be used


number of servings produced based on a stated portion size


to change a recipe from from yield to another

product specification sheet

lists precise descriptions of important characteristics that a particular product should have

purposes of product specification sheets

ensure and control quantity, quality syandards, and costs
educate managers about operation's standards
help avoid misunderstandings between the operation and its suppliers
allow staff to place orders w/o jeopardizing the quality
serve as a basis for bid writing to new or current suppliers

menu description

shows all the ingredients, portion size, and size count in a dish on one piece of paper.


how an item is served, including the dish, garnish, sauce, and arrangement of food on the plate

prep sheet

sets the standards for basic items to have on hand in an establishment

par level

important part of prep sheet; the quantity of items needed for a particular food item, for each day's anticipated number of servings


standardized operating procedures; guide the activities your staff perform while doing their jobs as well as for training new staff


predicts the number of guests and operation will serve in a given period of time, which intern guids the kitchen staff's preparation sheets for that same period

POS system

once the order is placed in the system, it generates multiple types of sales information
tracks orders by hour

Server Input of Customer Orders

manager manually reviews guest checks for orders and special requests

Importance of controlling production volume

to ensure customer recieves the same quality of food on each visit which, in turn, helpsensure the success of the business by building reputation, creating regular customers, and keeping costs consistent

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