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(❤ 吐) threw up .


(❤ 饿/餓) starving


(❤ 瞎 ) blind


(❤ 到 ) arrive

bìng dǎo

(❤ 病倒 ) very sick

biàn kuài

(❤ 变/變快 ) become fast

tòng kuài

(❤ 痛快) jolly

hū xī

(❤ 呼吸 ) breathe

máng bú guò lái

(❤ 忙不过/過来) too busy cant handle it

wú liáo

(❤ 无/無聊) boring

bēng kuì

(❤ 崩溃/潰) collapse

zhǔn bèi

(❤ 准备/準備) ready

zuò wán

(❤ 做完) finished

fā fēng

(❤ 发疯/發瘋) crazy

shòu bù liǎo

(❤ 受不了) can't take it

kuài cān

(❤ 快餐 ) fast food.

méi diàn

(❤ 没电/電) running out of power


(❤ 快 ) fast; almost

yòng wán

(❤ 用完 ) used ; finish


(❤ 生 ) birth; raw

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